Community Leaders seminar

10 Leaders were gathered in a FabLab to work on the Community Leaders DNA and missions

Jean-Luc Gallicé appointed sponsor of the Communities

Jean-Luc Gallicé, Deputy CEO Devoteam Solutions: “Communities invent new ways to work as teams, innovate, solve business problems and create new solutions for our customers.”

Risk and Security Community around the world

200 Risk and Security experts from 7 countries have attended the Secusphere Conferences this year

Cloud Community is relaunched
by its 350 members

Jean-Sébastien Roques is appointed as Leader: "Building a Cloud requires multi-specialists: we need as many of you as possible to participate in this community."

Team-up for ServiceNow Knowledge15

ServiceNow Community members from different countries gathered to watch the Knowledge15 keynotes and interact during the event.

Launch of the KC Newsletter: Knowledge Communities Corner

7 newsletters were sent to the all group with an opening rate of 90%


Customers attended a webinar on ServiceNow implementation for Sanofi Pasteur

Relive the webinar

Communities Leaders met Godefroy de Bentzmann, Devoteam CEO

Our leaders have stated the "Forward-Thinker" values as a prism of Devoteam ambition.


Leaders webinars organized in 2015

This regular meeting gathers leaders remotly to share success stories, best practices and projects agenda.


Collaborators consider that being part of the KCs is an added-value to their work

Service Management and Service Assurance were the communities the most supported by their members to win the "Active community" Label.

Knowledge Communities' Tour de France

The Knowledge Management team went to Devoteam Lyon, Toulouse and Nantes to meet the teams and to spread the digital and collaborative spirit

250 applicants « Meet the Guru » before being recruited

Community Leaders were the Gurus of Devoteam’s "Recruit Me If You Can" Job Dating.

Challenge our Gurus too!

Digital Community creates the first App on Mobile Security

Vincent Ader, Leader of the Digital and Mobile Community, in collaboration with Devoteam Research and Innovation (DRI) created the Application “Mobile Security Audit” to evaluate mobile security through a simple risk.

Try it now

Devoteam creates its Open Solutions entity and launches Open Source Community

Cédric Girard, Community Leader: « Everyone and every company use Open Source software everyday. The concept of community is at the very core of Open Source, so sharing should be natural for any Open Source enthusiast.».

Proud to be a Community Member? Devoteam collaborators said yes!

Community’ members use their creativity to spread the collaborative spirit within Devoteam. They are our best Ambassadors!

An exclusive certification path designed for ServiceNow

The ServiceNow community created a digital learning path to help consultants pass with success their certification. 40 consultants registered in the first month!

Watch the program video

IT Transformation community supports the Group’s ambition

Margaux Prudhomme, Community Leader: "Be PMO, Change manager, Business Process Manager or IT strategist is a way to be at the heart of all our customers’ strategic topics at the moment."


ISEP students met Community Leaders

The Knowledge Management team, accompanied by Denis Safieddine, Risk and Security community Leader introduced the digital and social collaborative culture of Devoteam to ISEP students.

Open Source Community opens its doors to the French OpenStack Meetup Community

The Open Source Community hosted the French OpenStack Meetup community, holding conference on its premises. This event fits KC ambition to lead innovative projects with external communities.

Relive the Meetup OpenStack

Empowerment of the Digital and Mobile community

The community builds up a new team strengthen by S’team experts, to steer the community.

KC Top Contributors are at the core of the Devoteam DNA. Ambassadors of our digital and collaborative culture, they are Digital Transformakers.