A challenging and innovative environment
  • From Linux to Android, from Apache to OpenStack and Docker, Open Source has proven its maturity in providing agile, robust and profitable solutions. 

    Without doubt, Open Source is at the heart of the digital world and has contributed to some of the greatest success stories.

    Beyond pure players, all major companies are massively investing in Open Source solutions including Cloud infrastructures solutions like OpenStack.

    "Seventy-eight percent of companies run on Open Source" (Northbridge)

    Open Source is ready. Are you ?

Your benefits
  • Change your model of service consumption

    Strengthen your foundations and bring your assets into the next infrastructure generation

  • Improve your team’s effiency

    Enable end-to-end collaboration and automation for your developers and operations teams

  • Unlock control

    Digitalize your IT Department to enable an IT as a Service for your Business and your customers

  • Enable Business Agility

    Achieve a new level of flexibility, scalability and continuity to increase the agility of the services you provide

Value propositions
  • Infrastructure Transformation
  • OpenStack Expertise
  • DevOps Expertise
Our ecosystem
  • redhat

    Partenaire Red Hat

  • OpenStack-Fondation

    Corporate Sponsor de la Fondation OpenStack

Open Expertise
  • Devoteam Open Solutions offers a wide range of expertise to guide companies in their transformation:

    • Cloud transformation with OpenStack
    • Applications transformation on containers technologies with Docker
    • Big Data gathering and treatment with Hadoop
    • Development and Operations methods evolution with DevOps
    • Large infrastructures monitoring with Zabbix and Cacti