Your challenges
  • The implementation of a Business Continuity solution answers several key challenges:

    •  Ensure that continuity plans are accessible and up-to-date when they need to be launched

    •  Test regularly the efficiency of the plans

    •  Support crisis management process

    •  Industrialize the maintenance in operational condition of the plans and facilitate the control of their consistency

Our solution
Devoteam offers a flexible, and easy-to-use solution to meet these challenges:
  • Map all critical assets

    Processes, applications, sites and resources and assess the Business Impact Analysis (BIA)

  • Formalize business continuity plans

    by phases displayed in a Gantt chart, with the required human skills, in response to a disruption of a critical element (site, server, application).

  • Monitor the execution of a plan linked to a disaster scenario

    Report the disaster, deduct the impacted elements, execute the continuity plan action by action, edit a summary report.

  • Help manage crisis

    Creation of log events, send alerts (by SMS, by mail)

  • Easy-follow up of maintenance

    in operational condition of the repository

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