Copenhagen - Denmark
Education Level
Master in Computer Science - Univerity of Copenhagen
  • First steps

    My first days at Devoteam was full of activity. I was introduced at one of Devoteam’s weekly breakfasts, where I met colleagues of different ages and backgrounds, all friendly and welcoming. The first months at Devoteam included a wide range of different startup activities. Through one-on-one meetings or “roll-in” courses I learned about practical everyday tips as well as broader ideological concepts and values. Most importantly, I started working on interesting projects where I could put my skills to use as well learn from colleagues and acquire valuable experience.

  • Everyday life

    I am part of a team of consultants that implement ITSM solutions. I am primarily involved with data integrations between ITSM systems. Also, I do a wide range of ITSM activities that include installation, configuration and consulting. I am often in contact with customers through workshops or seated at their offices to ensure that I deliver quality implementations that satisfy customer requirements as well my own.

  • Personal life

    I enjoy music and sports. I am an ambitious spare-time musician who loves to write, compose and perform music. I also enjoy running and working out which I try to do as often as possible. After work and in weekends you will find me at a concert, catching a football game with my friends or visiting my family in the country side.