Copenhagen - Denmark
Education Level
MSc in Political Communication and Management, Political Communication (CBS)
  • First steps

    As a graduate at Devoteam I got to take part in very interesting projects from the beginning with highly skilled colleagues. I started in the role of apprentice to a more experienced colleague by my side, and after only six month I got to try out project management. You have a steep learning curve as a consultant because most projects demand new knowledge and different approaches.

  • Career milestones

    "I managed a strategically important project to conduct a market analysis of the IT competition in the Danish municipal sector. Within a year at Devoteam I was promoted from Consultant level 1 to Level 2 and that recognition was important to me. I have recently taken on the role of mentor to two fresh graduates in Devoteam and am proud to be asked to guide and help graduates get a good start to their careers as IT consultants."

  • Everyday life

    I like working in a dynamic environment where no two days are alike and being challenged in a culture of high expectations. My career path is pretty clear and I have an ongoing dialogue with my HR manager around my progress.

  • Personal life

    I live in an apartment in central Copenhagen with my girlfriend and our newborn son. I am a runner and have completed the Copenhagen Marathon twice. My next goal is to complete Berlin Marathon. I also have a strong passion for good food and travel.