Levallois-Perret - France
Experience Level
10 years + as a security expert
Education Level
Master 2, Information Systems Security
  • First steps

    My integration within the Risk and Security department was fast and efficient. My involvement in the various issues has been fully appreciated.

  • Career milestones

    After spending 10 years within the experts of the National Gendarmerie in the castle of Rosny, as chief of the "Investigations group" in the Cybercrime Division, I acted as chief executive of the Information Security , Cybercrime and Institutional Relations in the Group “La Poste”. Since then, I have been developing the CERT and IT monitoring activities as part of the management team of the Risk and Security department of Devoteam. My duties at Devoteam target all aspects of security vulnerabilities, needed capabilities, and tools. All the issues are concerned: big data, means of authentication, cloud, awareness, mobility. Moreover, guidance on matters concerning regulation is under my leadership.

  • Everyday life

    My daily activities focus on the redaction of offers focused on security and their set up for our prospective clients. I manage staff in software development and testing of a wide variety of cyber security products and services. I lead a team of 15 specialists who ensure the maintenance for our clients in case of a security problem. This is the CERT major target with IT monitoring/updating-data processing.

  • Personal life

    In addition to my duties within the Group, I develop Devoteam's reputation in security issues through speeches in schools focused on the dangers of the Internet. I also deliver lectures to students in Master 2 at the University of Troyes. My hobbies are cycling, running and motorcycling.