Future of retail

The future of retail is our obsession. It’s the obsession of every CEO, senior executive, CMO and CIO. Of every trend firm, every consultancy. Everyone. Right?

Except, that is for consumers. All over the world. But they don’t think about retail the same way we do. They don’t think about terms like ‘omnichannel’, ‘m-commerce’, or ‘mobile responsive’ all day long.
They don’t care about the Last Mile issue, or Bezos-eats-your-lunch problem. Consumers don’t lose sleep over the Retail. The thing is, it’s right to be obsessed.

Because consumers indeed do not care about the topic ‘future of retail’ – they are creating it!
They are responding to unchanging human needs. And their expectations never stand still. They expect greater convenience. They expect better value. They want excitement, meaning, status, relevance, authenticity, social connection and more.

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