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Chapter 5

Key Traits of a Cloud-Based Digitally Innovative Enterprise

EMEA organizations that are Innovators on their cloud journey display a certain set of traits that set them apart from their competitors and that other organizations following in their footsteps can learn from.

14% of EMEA organizations are Innovators in the Plan & Architect stage. They exhibit the following traits:

  • Innovators in the Plan & Architect stage can operate different cloud deployment models, including private & public cloud, hybrid, and multicloud effectively and at scale.
  • They exhibit an industrialized and strategic use of cloud with very clear governance and management processes. They plan which workloads will run in which cloud model and why.
  • Sustainability is essential and corporate rules are in place to choose the most sustainable provider.

27% of EMEA organizations are innovators in the Build, Secure, & Optimize stage. What makes them successful are the following capabilities:

  • Organizations that are innovators in the build, secure, and optimize stage have aligned their cloud strategy with their business strategy and adopted automated governance, risk, and compliance-centric cloud management including proactive monitoring and remediation of issues and full alignment with business stakeholders and business strategy in place.
  • They modernize their application estate with cloud-native technologies and execute a strategy of widespread business process and IT transformation affecting the entire application estate.
  • An API-first integration strategy with full alignment between the business and IT strategy is a key priority to drive a modern and efficient application strategy.
  • Security and compliance processes are in place to manage the entire IT estate coherently from on-premises to cloud.

22% of EMEA organizations are innovators in the Innovate & Differentiate stage. They are successful and charging ahead of their competitors because they focus on the following traits:

  • Organizations that are innovators in the innovate and differentiate category maintain a mix of in-house and externalized capabilities via 3rd party software/app development providers to provide software and custom application development and delivery capabilities.
  • They have set up a Center of Excellence with full alignment to the business strategy to drive their innovation based on cloud as well as efficient cloud operations.
  • Senior leadership is deeply involved in the cloud and digital innovation strategy and has put clear metrics and KPIs in place to measure cloud change management and business value gained.