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Chapter 1

The new standard for customer experience

The world changed for businesses in 2020 

Customers, employees, and business professionals have discovered a new landscape for working and doing business with many individuals struggling to adapt. Before COVID, workfrom-home scenarios were rare in the customer service industry because most solutions simply don’t facilitate remote working

Contact Centre managers spend a lot of money to ship and set up equipment, with device security being an afterthought. Some on-premises infrastructure solutions route phone calls to private phone lines, requiring a virtual private network, agent training and assistance, office equipment, and robust internet connections to support customers remotely. 

To compete, your organisation needs a new kind of contact centre, one with technologies that meet those increased customer expectations with seamless, scalable, effortless, and affordable experiences. Delivering those exceptional customer experiences requires a contact centre that’s affordable, easy to set up, and easy to manage. 

To deliver next-generation experiences, a contact centre must incorporate the agility and scalability of a cloud-based solution. It should also draw on the power of artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and omnichannel language understanding capabilities—the kind of automatic speech recognition technology that powers Amazon Alexa.

Without enterprise-size budgets and large teams of people, most smaller businesses need solutions that help them deliver better customer experiences with fewer resources while empowering agents to be effective from anywhere. 

In this eBook, we’ll share how it’s now possible, and even simple, for businesses of any size to: 

  • Cost-effectively and quickly launch an omnichannel contact centre to meet and exceed newly heightened customer expectations 
  • Empower agents to work seamlessly from anywhere, with minimal training 
  • Leverage AI and ML to raise the bar on every customer interaction 
  • Gain expert contact centre migration support and technology integrations 
  • Evolve and scale with the business