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Chapter 3

Digital Transformation Priorities and Considerations: A study by Devoteam and IDC

On behalf of Devoteam, IDC interviewed 601 decision-makers from European and Middle Eastern companies with more than 500 employees. The interviewees were divided into three distinct populations: Business (CEO, CFO, business managers…), IT (CIO and other IT managers) and Security (CISO and other security managers).


Within companies, there is at least one topic that is no longer subject to debate: the need to transform and go digital in order to take advantage of the opportunities offered by new technologies in terms of innovation, reinventing and optimising processes and improving customer and user experiences. 100% of the companies surveyed declared that they had implemented a digital transformation programme.

Is your organization currently running any digital initiatives within the framework of a digital transformation program? YES ! 100%

But this unanimity is only superficial because the respondents do not ascribe the same meaning to the term, assigning each a different priority: innovation and time-to-market for Business, user experience and satisfaction for IT, and massive use of data for Security.

To what extent do you agree that the following are the primary goals of your organization’s DX strategy?

These fundamental differences reveal that the digital transformation has not always been precisely defined. Everyone therefore gives their own interpretation of it, in which the end goal (what the company is meant to become) very often disappears behind the means (the digital). Under these conditions, security is only one priority among others, relegated during implementation behind the realignment of business to digital channels, regulatory compliance and systems integration.

What are the primary considerations for your organization when it comes to executing your digital strategy? (total respondents)