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Chapter 3

Access Industry Expertise and Meet Global Standards Now

Who are we?

Creative tech for Better Change
At Devoteam, we believe that technology with strong human values can actively drive change for the better. We have been working in IT consulting for over 26 years and are a leading partner in the field.

Holistic advice and an end-to-end portfolio
From centrally managed and used systems to specialized systems in labs, production, or clinical trials, Devoteam’s
risk-based and pragmatic approach provides audit security and market benefits.

We offer process, technology and implementation consulting from a single source. Devoteams service area is
divided into all Microsoft products.

Trusted and expert Microsoft partners
Devoteam M Cloud is a Microsoft Alliance Partner, Business Critical SharePoint Partner, a member of many Microsoft Inner Circles, and a member of the SAP-Microsoft-Unite Partner Connection. We also currently hold 15 Advanced Specializations and an Azure Expert Managed Services Provider [eMSP] status.

Devoteam M Cloud: a preferred partner in EMEA

Sized for agility and trust

Our expertise

17 Gold competencies

16 Advanced specializations:

  • Change & Adoption
  • Windows and SQL
  • migration
  • Kubernetes on
  • Azure
  • Low Code
  • Development
  • Calling for Teams
  • Meetings and
  • Rooms for Teams
  • Threat Protection
  • Application Modernisation
  • Teamwork Deployment
  • Linux and OSS DB
  • Migration to Azure
  • SAP on Azure
  • VMWare Solutions
  • Modernize Endpoints
  • Azure Expert MSP
  • Analytics on
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Identity & Access
  • Management

FastTrack Ready
Direct Reseller (CSP)
Cloud and Hybrid Managed
Services with own IP
Authorized Training Partner

2019-2022, Partner of the Year Award

Specialization in Microsoft Azure with skills and services

Holistic advice and an end-to-end portfolio

  • Staff Microsoft certifications: AZ-104, AZ-204, AZ-301, AZ-400, AZ-500, AI-100, MS-500, DP-100, DP-300, SC-300
  • Experienced staff with expertise: Average years of experience with-in IT: 12, Average age of experts across teams: 33

We provide highly capable skills relief and focus time for you and your employees

From staffing and resource perspectives our Cloud Managed Services offer immediate relief and provide you with time for business focus.

In many ways, Managed Services function like the IT outsourcing most people used to do before they adopted Cloud technologies. And, after all, the Cloud is just another IT provider.

For instance: Instead of having 24/7 operations in-house , you obtain a Managed Cloud Platform service to operate your Cloud platform for you. In general, you should consider which Cloud business functions you are willing to bet on handling in-house, and what other functions you should consider shipping off to a supplier by getting a Managed Service!


With Cloud Centers of Excellence located all over Europe, we at Devoteam are more than covered when it comes to skilled operations, support, and development teams.

Currently, our Managed Services operations are supported by our dedicated Global Managed Services Center in Devoteam Lithuania. Our teams are experienced and specialized in the field and will help lead your organization through any challenges you might have in security, compliance – and just with your cloud solutions in general, whether hybrid or cloud native.

We know cloud – and we love to share our knowledge with you.

For any company approaching Cloud technologies, a trusted and experienced partner is a must. Over time and across industries, we have gained enough experience to look up and keep an eye on the game, rather than focusing solely on managing the details of our own solutions

How we can help you achieve operational excellence in cloud

The challenge

Getting an overview of security is difficult and time consuming

Legacy infrastructure creates complexity and complex operations

Users and workloads are becoming more and more distributed

Creating meaningful automation requires new skill-sets

Cost is increasing year over year with little business benefit

How we help

Cloud native solution to provide day one security transparency

Modernizing to cloud components and using Infrastructure-as-code

24×7 operations teams available for all users and workloads

Code driven operations and platform teams ensures high automation

Transparency and automation creates cost reductions