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Chapter 5

Open the Box: Managed Services Catalogue

Delivering key value – a direction to and a foundation for success – for our customers in the cloud is as exciting as it is professionally challenging.

Over the years we have worked alongside different customers to map the essence of the work that we tend to need to repeat again and again for each customer.

Because we are responsible and skilled engineers, cloud consultants, and project managers, and because we do not like to waste our time, or tour customers’ time we started to envision a body of work that may be effectively reused across customers and industries.

Managed Public Cloud, Devoteam Managed Public Cloud at a glance

< 30 min, Guaranteed response

95% service levels

0 € For service requests

84% automated actions

365 access to analytics

24×7 active operations

4 spoken languages

19 supporting countries

Managed Public Cloud

A platform to stand safely and securely on the cloud. This service enables secure and predictable fundamentals with an emphasis on self service and empowerment for customer teams that opens the path to true business focused innovation and agility.

Service Management Reporting

  • Cost optimization suggestions
  • Change and maintenance events
  • Problem and change reporting
  • Cloud provider changes that could
  • Impacting customer business
  • Security improvement suggestions

Reporting Key Performance Indicators

  • Support tickets
  • Monitoring events
  • Backup success and events
  • Cloud consumption comparison
  • Security score trend


  • Advanced orchestration fuelled by Microsoft, open source, and Devoteam
  • Access to hundreds of connectors from Microsoft and 3rd party suppliers
  • Creation of custom connectors for customer specific needs
  • 24/7 monitoring, investigation and remediation team

What has changed: Adoption of cloud requires a cloud native response

Cloud ExpertiseCloud Automation
• New tasks and procedures in cloud requires new expertise and experience
• Continuously moving standards requires continuous evolution of the cloud workloads
• Increasing the stability of the platform as well as delivery of new services requires experiences cloud operators
• Supporting agile development practices requires automated operational coding elements
• Fast paced changes to the workloads and platform requires
a code driven platform
• Ensuring governance control across cost, security, compliance and operational excellence, necessitates a new code driven operating model

Focus On Your Business

As an Azure Expert Managed Service Provider we have built customer specific stable and secure bridge heads in the cloud for many years. All this experience has turned into a platform service that makes inhabiting the cloud uniform and straight-forward to the benefit of our customers. It is our core business to operate your cloud.

Our expert cloud engineers drive our cloud platform based on incoming data. This allows you to reliably focus on your business and the market while we tend to the day-to-day structures of your secure and optimised platform. This is a trust game, and we are ahead of the curve.

We improve your operations metrics, deliver standardized and customized reporting, defined service levels, and operational insights.

Our managed cloud platform teams are available 24x7x365 to support your business across cloud service technology, ITIL, and DevOps processes. They are further backed by cloud vendor premier support agreements to ensure rapid escalation.

Managed Cloud Security Devoteam Managed Cloud Security key figures

< 30 min guaranteed response

95% service levels

> 30 certification

74% automated actions

365 access to analytics

24×7 active operations

3 spoken languages

19 supporting countries

Managed Cloud Security

In the security space the cloud is fast-moving and innovative. Understanding the security posture, setting up active guardrails inside which business innovation may securely accelerate is key. This service is the shield that protects our customers in the cloud.


  • Leverage Defender for Cloud to achieve Cloud Security Posture Management and Cloud Workload Protection
  • Cross cloud tooling supporting engage on-premises and multicloud (Azure, AWS and GCP)
  • Continually assess security posture for progress and react to recommendations and alerts


  • Central collection of logs across cloud and on-premises sources
  • Utilize Advanced Security Information Model (ASIM) security content
  • Collection and correlation of Microsoft 365 sources and events
  • Implementation of global frameworks such as MITRE ATT&CK


  • Advanced orchestration fueled by Microsoft, open source, and Devoteam
  • Access to hundreds of connectors from Microsoft and 3rd party suppliers
  • Creation of custom connectors for customer specific needs
  • 24/7 monitoring, investigation and remediation team

What has changed? Evolving could security management to match your digital transformation

• Continuous detection of threats across a changing cloud environment
• Evaluation of resources to identify potential vulnerabilities
• End-to-end detection from cloud native resources to V´s and endpoints
• Staff trained in cloud security and remediation of vulnerabilities and threats
• Remediation of identified events, alerts and vulnerabilities for cloud services and endpoints
• Capable of creating new code driven policies, connectors and automation
  • Next Generation Security: Utilising decades of cybersecurity work from Microsoft, M Cloud leverages cloud native tooling to elevate your security detection and response.
  • Threat Intelligence: Extensive data collection is used in combination with deep threat analytics and intelligent threat detection to respond to unknown threats.
  • Rapid Response: Making your threat detection and response smarter and faster with artificial intelligence (AI) helps you prevent damaging incidents.
  • Expert Knowledge: Choosing an Expert MSP as a partner provides expert assistance to your security team to ensure Cloud threat identification, protection, and remediation.

Driving security excellence to the next level

  • Reduce reaction time via automation
  • Prioritized remediation efforts
  • Leverage global standards
  • Cloud native SOAR transparency
  • Customer owned | partner driven

↑42% HIgher security posture score

Manufacturing (Global)

HR Provider (Austria)

Financial (Denmark)

Managed Cloud Compliance: Devoteam Managed Cloud Compliance at a glance

Daily compliance status checks

100% support for Azure Security Benchmark

0 € unlimited Azure policy advice

300+ type of supported policy remediations

365, access to analytics

24×7, Compliance checks

40% reduced manhours

Risks AI/ML based plans

Managed Cloud Compliance

Just as the ‘real’ clouds are ever-changing, all Cloud consuming customers must also be able to change with their Cloud when it comes to compliance. This Managed Service keeps you updated on the current compliance requirements, and it helps you understand what problems to solve to achieve better compliance. As a byproduct, we offer a catalogue of Software Assured always-compliant components.

Meet Global StandardsAutomated RemediationAccess to Expert Knowledge
Cloud Compliance helps you meet your governance, risk, and compliance
goals, by supporting your compliance and risk teams with expert assessment
and continuous improvement of your cloud environment to comply with
internationally recognized standards for cybersecurity and compliance.
Leverage Automation to
investigate and remediate
non-compliance issues
across your entire
cloud estate.
Ensuring Cloud Compliance requires
expert knowledge of Cloud Security and
Compliance standards. Use our experts to
assist your security & compliance teams and
to ensure your Cloud is continuously secure
and compliant.

Modern security compliance requires an automated response

Compliance ObservabilityCompliance Observability
• Dashboard based policy management ensures completely overview of current and new policies
• Dynamically adjusting security and compliance score provides actionable intelligence
• Posture gamification creates end-to-end views across teams and departments
• Automated and policy driven enforcement of ISO, CIS,
NIST standards
• Remediation and exception flows are automated with know approval flows and audit trails
• Library of automated remediation tasks and enforcement of policies
throughout the platform

Finding The Compliance Unicorn

Perfect compliance is something of a unicorn, but we must always strive toward it. Compliance has only one constant – change – and that makes it hard to accomplish permanence within and an overview over the state of your Cloud. Your service in the cloud might be compliant today but will not necessarily be compliant tomorrow.

That leaves your business with a lot of continuous hours spent trying to keep up with new standards for compliance. For most people, that is not a sustainable practice – and that is where Managed Cloud Compliance comes in.

The way to become compliant is to never actually be non-compliant to begin with. When compliance inevitably changes, the Managed Cloud Compliance service monitors the changes and updates the components used by your development teams. Your teams can simply roll deployments forward to a new compliant state. This dance is perpetual. Having access to an expert team to get compliance-asa-service for starting off safely and correctly, and for the future of your cloud estate, is the rational business move to make.

Managed Cloud Hybrid: Devoteam Managed Hybrid Cloud key figures

< 30 min guaranteed response

95% service levels

0 € for service requests

91% automated actions

365, access to analytics

24×7, Compliance checks

3 spoken languages

19 supporting countries

Managed Hybrid Cloud

Our Managed Hybrid Cloud solution provides tools for bettering your security, operating model, automation, and economics in a hybrid environment. You will get central visibility of your public and hybrid cloud resources and applications, be able to consistently build cloud native applications anywhere in your environment, and run data services where they matter most in your business.

• 24/7 operations center monitoring infrastructure and applications
• Cloud native insights across performance and cost metrics
• In-depth alerting to security event across the estate
• Pre-defined operational procedures to ensure consistency
• Policy driven security implementation across infrastructure and platform
• Single pane of glass for management and insights
• Cloud native practices for deployment and maintenance
• Cloud extended controls for cost, security and compliance
• Zero-touch compliance and configuration for Kubernetes clusters
• End-to-end automated patch management of VM
• Fully automated inventory and configuration change tracking
• Native GitOps integration for deployments to Hybrid infrastructure

What has changed? Bringing a re-envisioned way to manage your hybrid estate

Cloud Operating ModelEdge innovation
• Leverage DevOps practices on hybrid estate to support cloud
patterns in your environment
• Public and Hybrid cloud implementation and governance consistency
• Utilize cloud-based services in hybrid and edge computing cases
• Unified inventory, governance and security across
environments and resources
• Zero-touch compliance and configuration for virtual machines
and Kubernetes clusters
• Next generation of data services running in hybrid installations
including scaling and management
  • Hybrid Cloud Security: Devoteam delivers multiple security and compliance models for both cloud native and hybrid environments. We provide cloud native solutions that can be hosted on-premises.
  • Operating Model: When you are operating on-premise a high degree of manual tasks are involved. We offer a purpose built platform with built-in automation from the time of deployment.
  • Automation: The heavy lifting is done via code, reducing the need for human interactions and the manual work that usually comes with on-premises solutions.
  • Economics: Reduce costs by reducing the number of man-hours that are required to provide business value.