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Chapter 1

Welcome Letter

If you are the proud owner of a Cloud Managed Service you already know what a game changer it can be. The Cloud is atyour-service along with specialists and services that can run your Cloud effectively and safely – what more can you wish for? If you are not already a Managed Services owner, this unboxing will show you what you are missing out on!

No matter what the status of your Cloud, we hope you will leave these pages feeling more informed, knowledgeable, and curious about Cloud Managed Services and how they can transform the way your business handles the Cloud.

We should all be so wise as to know the difference between soldiering on and asking for professional and optimised help when we need it. Cloud Managed Services provide exactly that: A way to take control and ownership of your Cloud cost, its compliance status, and the security measures around it.

If you own a Managed Service, you can also count on getting more time: Time for you, your team, your support, and even your finance department to innovate, push the limits, and create better change in your organisation instead of spending your time on fixing the same small issues over and over again.

The customer and user facing services you are building for your business using the Cloud have the potential to be sensational and propel your business to new heights. Our catalogue of Managed Services at Devoteam is rapidly growing and already contains Managed Public Cloud that automates cloud adoption processes for you, as well as Managed Cloud Compliance and Managed Cloud Security that can help you make your cloud environments more secure and consistently compliant. Finally, we also offer Managed Hybrid Cloud and its benefits in bridging the gaps between your different cloud solutions.

Rather than moving attention from your critical business development to cloud management, you can outsource a lot of
your daily tech headaches to these services. Managed Services can change your work life by affording you time to focus on what matters most. Continue reading and ‘unbox’ our catalogue further as you go along…