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Omada Identity – What it is and How it Can Help Businesses Stay Secure and Compliant

The rise of remote and hybrid working in today’s ever-changing corporate landscape has introduced new opportunities, but also new IT security challenges. As businesses grow, in particular, so does the need for automated identity and access management solutions and services, such as Omada Identity. It is crucial to ensure that the right people have access to the right data and resources at the right time – both via the cloud and on-site – even more so since the introduction of GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) in 2018.

What is Omada Identity? 

Founded in Copenhagen in 2000, Omada Identity is a global, market-leading provider of innovative IT security solutions and services for Identity Governance and Administration (IGA). Omada means ‘team’ in Greek, and with operations in Europe, North America, Africa, and Asia, the company provides its full-featured IGA SaaS solution and a best-in-class identity governance technology to large and midsize enterprises globally – both directly and through a network of partners and system integrators. 

What are the main benefits of Omada Identity?

As a leader in identity governance, Omada Identity provides full-featured IGA solutions that are built on Microsoft technology and can be delivered on-premise or on a SaaS (Software as a Service) basis.

Four additional benefits of Omada Identity include:

  • Omada Identity offers a very flexible workflow that can be configured to fit the specific security, regulatory compliance, and business efficiency needs of any business.
  • Omada Identity has great visualization capabilities. As an example, this makes it easy to view the compliance level for each application and system in the Compliance Dashboard.
  • Omada’s holistic approach to access control makes it easy to oversee and manage accounts, roles, permissions, data owners, etc. It also ensures that roles and access permissions are appropriately and efficiently managed as employees join or leave the organization, or move to another role.
  • Omada Identity can handle heavy data loads with advanced governance and compliance reporting capabilities as a result.

How does Omada help businesses stay secure and compliant? 

Identity Governance & Administration (IGA) and Identity and Access Management (IAM) are vital for overall IT security. Monitoring and limiting access to ensure it is only granted to those who need it is not only a crucial security measure; it has become a must in order to comply with internal and external legislative and regulatory requirements, including GDPR, where non-compliance can be a costly affair. GDPR requires organizations to manage, monitor, and document access permissions granted, and this is a near-impossible task without a tool like Omada Identity. In addition to solving GDPR challenges, an IGA solution is essential in order to assure auditors and provide the required documentation to demonstrate that proper security controls are enforced and managed properly.

An IGA solution such as Omada Identity not only reduces risk exposure and maximizes efficiency through automation – it can also be a real compliance asset for navigating complex and ever-changing regulations. 

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