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Cloud, a catalyst for sustainable development

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Sustainability is required by consumers

Sustainability is required by consumers

9 in 101 business leaders think consumers would hold them accountable for the environmental impact they make through their business.

Some sectors are leading the investments in sustainability2

Percentage of companies dedicating more than 30% of their strategic budget to sustainability.

29% Financial Services
21% Public Sector
21% Manufacturing, Utilities, Oil & Gas
How does technology contribute to sustainability?

Tech is clearly a part of the solution1

92% of business leaders agree that emerging technologies can boost both ROI and sustainability.

One of the tech inputs: allowing business to track their impact3

Main scopes tracked by European companies regarding sustainability

  • 43% Carbon dioxide (CO2) and GHG emissions
  • 40% Production efficiency
  • 38% Energy sources for main operations
  • 38% Supply change energy consumption
  • 33% Consumption utilities

So sustainability is a CIO discussion now 3

Who is leading the sustainability agenda in European companies?

34% CIO
31% CSO
(sustainability officer)
25% CEO

CIOs include sustainability in their IT roadmap… 3

  • For 1/5, sustainability is a Key cloud priority in the next 3 years.
  • For 1/4, sustainable offers are a main benefice of cloud.


Only 33% of European companies state sustainability credential is a top reason when choosing a primary
cloud partner.


Only 30% have strict corporate rules to choose the most sustainable cloud provider.


For 36% although sustainability is not compulsory yet, rules will increase within the next 12 months.

Which cloud provider is the best rated on sustainability?3

Best rated Cloud provider on sustainability


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1 Business and the Fourth Wave of Environmentalism. Environmental Defense Fund, 2019.
2 Source: IDC EMEA’s COVID-19 Impact Survey – Wave 14 and 15, November-December 2020 (n = 860).
3 Source: 2021 Devoteam x IDC cloud benchmark survey