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Devoteam accelerates its Microsoft Cloud activities with two new acquisitions to start off the year and high ambitions across EMEA.

Paris, January 12, 2022  – Devoteam, a leading EMEA consulting firm starts the year on a high note with the acquisition of two unique Microsoft Cloud pure players; ALFUN in France and NECSIA in Spain. Following CLOUDEON acquisition of Microsoft Cloud.

With the acquisition of the two fast growing companies, Devoteam M Cloud, is widely accelerating not only with specific and targeted acquisitions but also with a strong organic growth over 30% and a recruitment of 500 experts in 2022. 

With additional 142 and 78 experts coming from Necsia and Alfun respectively, Devoteam reaches a significant number of talent : + 1000 Microsoft experts, 1700 certifications and 5 advanced  Specialisation. It will boost its Microsoft Cloud capabilities to help their clients accelerate their digital transformations. Alfun reinforces Devoteam competencies on managed services and Necsia on Microsoft cloud solutions and presence in Catalonia.

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