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Devoteam accelerates on Low-Code technologies and signs a European partnership with OutSystems

Devoteam is accelerating its development in the Low-Code market and is extending its partnership with OutSystems, one of the leaders in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant in this field, in EMEA*. 

Devoteam has chosen OutSystems as its partner for the rapid development of multi-experienced business applications. The advantage of OutSystems technology is to reduce the delivery time of these applications to just a few weeks for initial delivery and just a few days for updates.

This collaboration has made it possible to create a dedicated offer targeting companies wishing to gain agility and foster their innovation process.

The key word: agility at all organisation and process levels 

Accelerating the pace of innovation and new applications availability is increasingly essential to standing out in the long term. In this context, Low-Code technology, which is still very recent, is set to revolutionise the world of applications by transforming working methods and drastically minimizing delays. In particular, it offers a personalised user experience to business managers who will be able, for example, to test an idea without having to engage in a complex and expensive process. 

Devoteam combines in-depth knowledge of the OutSystems platform with world-class standards for customer success,” says Peter Dunlap, VP of Channel and Alliances for OutSystems. “Their investment in Low-Code enables them to satisfy more clients across more industries and in more geographies than ever before.”

Sebastien Chevrel, Devoteam’s COO, highlights that ”with this partnership, we bring the power of Low-Code and multi-experienced platforms to all our customers, in all our countries, in order to increase business value with a multiplied speed of application delivery. To achieve this, we will scale on top of the strong foundations built over the last 10 years between OutSystems and our Portuguese team Outfit by Devoteam as a Center of Excellence. Being able to develop enterprise and mobile applications twice as fast and with half of the resources is an unbeatable asset in the current Covid context.”

*France, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Spain, Netherlands, Italy, Luxembourg, Middle-East, Norway, Poland, UK, Czech republic, Serbia, Sweden and Switzerland.