#TechforPeople: For the first time, a Partnership, sponsored by The Devoteam Corporate Foundation, has been signed between between the NGO CREA Mont-Blanc and D2SI by Devoteam

A three-year partnership has been established between the CREA Mont-Blanc High Altitude Ecosystem Research Center and the Devoteam Corporate Foundation. This partnership lays the basis for D2SI by Devoteam, a cloud-focused entity, to contribute towards a cause that entails biodiversity preservation and climate change information.

Let’s Scale up! #TechforPeople remains at the heart of this partnership.

For over twenty years, CREA Mont-Blanc has specialized in the study of natural mountain environments, from mountain forests and alpine grasslands to glacial zones that host flora and fauna. Over the years, their scientists have collected a wide range of data, such as satellite data, webcams, and camera traps. The NGO found itself faced with the task of stocking and analysing thousands of the pieces of data that needed to be stored and analyzed to make it more widely available.


In this context, D2SI by Devoteam will be developing a platform to collect all this data, to classify, secure and visualize it in one platform. The aim is to provide CREA Montblanc with real “scaler” infrastructure, which can grow rapidly depending on the increase in cumulative data. It also involves providing automatic image analysis processes to identify animals and manage their huge library. D2SI by Devoteam has a lot of expertise in Cloud, big data and machine learning, and will graphically represent this substantial amount of data, in order to share the research and analysis of the NGO with the scientific community, policy makers and the general public.


This collaboration juxtaposes with our vision “Tech for People”  and is a win-win deal for everyone: CREA Mont-Blanc researchers focus on their core business while initiating their digital transformation. At the same time, the experts of D2SI by Devoteam get to master their technological skills while doing meaningful work for the environment through their commitment to projects on biodiversity and climate.

“It’s a project that fits clearly in our vision”

Stanislas de Bentzmann
Co-CEO of Devoteam

For a long time, Devoteam has been a partner of the market-leading tech giants (such as Google, ServiceNow, and Red Hat): in combination with Devoteam’s expertise and business knowledge that helps in shaping technology at the service of people, and at the service of the Ecosystem.