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How ServiceNow brought digital transformation to STIB-MIVB

The snapshot


Deployment of a new Cloud Platform for ITSM, improving employee satisfaction and productivity


By working in ServiceNow, STIB has optimised its IT resources and standardised its processes


Thanks to the new ITSM platform, STIB managed to reduce the service impact of incidents

The challenge

As one of Belgium’s largest employers and the epicentre of Brussels public transportation, STIB was facing several challenges demanding strategic resolutions – imperative to enhance customer services and exert greater control over its IT resources.

To overcome these issues, the company had to retire an outdated IT Service Management (ITSM) system and replace it with a cutting-edge Enterprise Service Management (ESM) platform. This transition was deemed crucial in supporting the overarching digital transformation goals.

Additionally, the new ESM platform was envisioned as a pivotal enabler, empowering the company to provide an employee-friendly self-service catalogue. This holistic approach aimed to not only modernise the company’s IT infrastructure but also streamline internal processes, fostering a more efficient and user-centric operational environment. STIB found the ServiceNow platform as a perfect fit for their growing needs and it needed a partner that understands the sector’s special environment and works agile – Devoteam.

The solution

To help STIB, Devoteam deployed a next generation cloud platform for ITSM, focusing heavily on employee and agent experience as one of the main drivers to improve employee satisfaction and productivity.

Thanks to the new ServiceNow solution, STIB had better control of its IT environment which then led to the creation of a large number of internal initiatives supporting the management’s digital transformation focus.

Throughout the project, Devoteam provided their expertise and skills on the IT Service Management system, making sure it meets the specific needs and demands of a public sector customer like STIB.

The result was standardisation and harmonisation of the IT processes, better communication and increased efficiency within the cross-team ITSM activities.

Devoteam supported us in different ways but most important was their ability to listen what we need and what we want, making it easy to achieve success.

The better change

Improved communication and prooductivity across different departments in STIB.

Reduction of the service impact of incidents

Standardisation and harmonisation of the internal processes, making it easier to provide highest level of service at scale.

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