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Husqvarna ‘meets customers in their gardens’ with ServiceNow FSM

Husqvarna ‘meets customers in their gardens’ with ServiceNow

The snapshot


100% transparency at every stage of customer engagement


Improved customer satisfaction score


Increased opportunities for identifying service improvements

The challenge

Husqvarna is one of Sweden’s most trusted businesses and brands with a rich history dating back to 1689. Over three centuries the company has designed and built a diverse range of pioneering products, from rifles and sewing machines to bicycles, motorcycles, and kitchen equipment.

The Husqvarna Group employs 14,000 people in 40 countries and, as well as the Husqvarna brand itself, includes leading outdoor brands like Flymo, Gardena, and McCulloch, providing the tools and equipment to cater for every requirement in forest, park, and garden management. The Group generates almost €5 billion in annual revenues through direct sales and its extensive dealer and retail networks.

When the company launched a new venture offering its market-leading robotic lawnmowers to homeowners as an at-home service basis, it selected Field Service Management (FSM) as the core technology platform and engine on which to build the business with its long-term partner to support it – ProCori, part of Devoteam.

The solution

Launched in 2023 in nine locations in Sweden and eight in Germany, the service puts partners and customers in direct contact and facilitates each aspect of the customer journey without any central coordination or management required by Husqvarna.

FSM provides a standardised, seamless, frictionless and, most of all, a satisfying experience for customers, partners, and Husqvarna alike. Once a customer has visited the Husqvarna Garden Consultation website and selected the partner in their area, FSM’s comprehensive, streamlined ecosystem and automated workflows take over.

Customers can schedule an appointment online, at their convenience, while the Husqvarna partner uses a mobile app to receive those appointments, access maps for the most direct route to each one, and make sure they have everything they need for their visits. They can efficiently plan, execute, and manage their activities for each customer, in one place, with the data securely stored and instantly available.

FSM also enables Husqvarna to follow each step of the engagement, from the first contact between partner and customer all the way to its robotic lawnmowers delivering beautiful, manicured lawns.

With Field Service Management we have 100% transparency at every stage. It’s fantastic, we’ve never had that before.

The better change

Dashboards are available for partners to review their own Garden Consultation projects and customers, and for Husqvarna managers to assess how the service is being delivered, the scope and scale of activity for financial planning, and to identify opportunities for service improvements

Better insights into every step of the engagement, from the first contact between partner and customer until the end

Increased opportunities for identifying service improvements

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