Trend report – Cloud & DevOps – 2021

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The Devoteam – Cloud & DevOps trend report 2021 – is an annual vision report from Devoteam, in which you will find the 7 most important trends in the field of Cloud, DevOps and Automation.

The 7 trends:

  • CI / CD is a commodity
    The work of a DevOps engineer often consisted out of create complex integrations of different steps in the pipeline. Today, a lot of functionality is often delivered as standard in platforms such as GitHub, GitLab and Azure DevOps. What is the impact on People, Processes and Technology of an organization?
  • You don’t have one Cloud
    How many Clouds does your organization use? In the past, you probably only used Azure, Google or AWS. Today this is different. Multi-cloud strategies are becoming more popular and the horizon of cloud possibilities is expanding. What impact does this have on your organization? And how do you respond to this?
  • Automation of infrastructure: infrastructure-as-code
    The rise of Cloud platforms makes it possible to change the way IT infrastructure is handled. The next step in automation is Infrastructure-as-code. Do you want to read more about this? One of the most obvious benefits of applying infrastructure-as-code is speed.
  • Docker is dead
    Containers are very much alive, but the role that Docker plays is shrinking and open-source initiatives such as CRI-O and Podman are gaining ground. As an organization, you can always make the choice to opt for something other than Docker. Curious how?
  • It is not just Dev and Ops anymore
    One of the DevOps trends is about aligning different goals within organizations and breaking silos. For this to succeed, it takes more than just Dev and Ops. Only an integrated approach to business operations, in which more focus is placed on culture change and less on technology, will bring success.
  • Are we, developers, being automated away?
    Abstracting complexity away is something we find inspiring. Nowadays someone without IT knowledge can build an application. We are busy collecting business requirements and finding smart ways to solve them within a platform. Are we, developers, being automated away?

A fragmented internal Cloud landscape
With the increasing use of Cloud you actually see a similar trend as with the early days of the internet. Many organizations start with the Cloud, but there is not always a clear strategy or roadmap for using it. What is the consequence of this?

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