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Infinite career opportunities

We develop talent density & diversity to deliver Better Change.

Teams are the real value behind any company. At Devoteam we believe that putting people at the heart of the technology is the way to unlock the future. We provide an enriching environment to our people, championing talent density and diversity and giving them infinite possibilities through ambitious certifications and training programs.

Key figures

3500 newcomers in 26 countries in 2023
4.04/5 Glassdoor
6100+ certifications
10331 Total Headcount 126 Nationalities
8000 Devoteamers responding to our bi-annual Devomood internal satisfaction survey

Promote every talent

Since its creation in 1995, Devoteam has prohibited any discriminatory criteria in the recruitment of employees, particularly criteria related to origin, gender, lifestyle, sexual orientation, actual or presumed ethnicity, nationality or race, political opinions, trade union or mutualist activities, religious beliefs, physical appearance, name, health, disability, pregnancy, age, marital status or genetic characteristics.

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Combined funding to lever the digital inclusion for children, with Coderdojo association Belgium

“Together with Devoteam Foundation, we shape a future where children gain knowledge, skills and passion for technology. Your donation fuels our impactful work, empowering young girls through Coderdojo4Girlz”

CoderDojo is a non-profit organization that organizes free coding clubs for children and young people aged 7 to 18. Three employees in Devoteam Belgium separately requested funding for it and the jury has decided to answer each request as a collective donation.

Facilitate Disability at work


Devoteam has been committed to a policy in favour of diversity and the employment of disabled workers since 2007, and in 2021 we signed a fourth group agreement containing 18 commitments in favour of the professional integration of disabled people.

A disability service, the “Handicap mission” was set up in 2012 with the aim of steering and implementing the various thrusts of our disability policy, aligned with the approved agreement. It is represented by a dedicated, full-time referent for these diversity and inclusion activities.

The current agreement covers 4 main areas:

1. Integrating and developing employment for disabled employees through recruitment.

2. Maintaining disabled Devoteamers in employment. Devoteam set up a range of initiatives to adapt working conditions: ergonomic workstations, specific equipment linked to the employee’s pathology, medical absences granted by Devoteam, raising awareness among recruiters and HRBP…



3. Raising awareness and training employees through communication and learning initiatives. Devoteam offers training modules for employees with disabilities, and for all employees to promote inclusion. All recruiters, HR employees and managers receive compulsory training in disability and diversity management through face-to-face and e-learning courses.The Handicap Mission is also raising awareness on disability issues among all our teams through in-house workshops and events (EDEW – European Disability Employment Week ). 2023’s edition of EDEW gathered 285 Devoteamers around 6 different animations: disability awareness webinar, digital accessibility webinar, 2 sessions of an Escape Game on the theme of Disability, 3 sessions of virtual reality to live and feel the environment as a disabled person, 7 sophrology workshops and a theatrical conference on the compatibility of illness (cancer) and work, hosted by a speaker and 2 actors.

4. Developing internal policy in favour of partnerships with Disabled Friendly Companies (DFC). Devoteam is working with DFC on a range of activities, including employment, catering, administration, green spaces, etc. Main partners are listed below. Lastly, the Devoteam Group is committed to offering employees inter-contractual skills sponsorship for DFC requiring IT services.

Promoting Tech career & training possibilities to wider population


For an ever more diverse and inclusive workplace, Devoteam Luxembourg attends yearly to several events to promote tech career possibilities and training paths to people in Up & Reskilling. This year, the company attended a Boot Camp organized by WIDE x INCO on “Empowering Women in IT” where Girls In Tech association along with Khadija, our ServiceNow expert, shared their stories, expertise on low-code, IT methodologies, interviews and some tips & tricks.

Devoteam Luxembourg also hosted WIDE in their Clausen’s offices for a workshop on AI and Data career paths during which one of our Data passionate shared their knowledge and possible career paths on Data and AI.

The Luxembourg entity also developed in 2023 a partnership with Lycée Guillaume Kroll to animate several sessions on Open Source technologies and Microsoft solutions for the students of the BTS Cloud computing. This is also the right opportunity for our tech-colleagues to strengthen their public speaking skills, share their expertise and promote our values and culture in high schools.

With 30 different nationalities, Devoteam Luxembourg has also supported foreigners for years during the pre-boarding phase, offering a personalized follow-up for their relocation in Luxembourg & administrative procedures (work permit, relocation allowance, family reunification).

Promote a more diverse, equitable & inclusive workplace


Devoteam Portugal leads several actions to promote a more diverse, equitable & inclusive workplace, focused on 3 main sub-represented groups: Overall 150 participants have enrolled. 

  • Women: to enhance the expertise, networking and recognition of our female employees, we organized a dedicated Women in Tech Week with several workshops dedicated to empower our female employees. Also, we promoted an internal campaign to recognize some of our female employees and 6 (six) of them have been on the final list of the Women in Tech Awards (an external initiative). 
  • People with disabilities: during sustainable development month we organized a Coffee Cupping session with “Café Joyeux” a non-profit organization that supports young people with cognitive difficulties such as autism and trisomy 21 and we ended the year by donating to the same association a monetary value to support its mission. 
  • Foreigners: in 2023 we continued to offer reallocation programmes to facilitate and financially support their establishment in our country. 

International Women in Tech Talk with Fatia Balit,  Chief Information Officer at BNP Paribas Asset Management

Devoteam had the pleasure to welcome Fatia-Fatma Balit, Chief Information Officer at BNP Paribas Asset Management for an insightful and engaging conference. 

Her core message emphasized the importance of fostering authenticity and encouraging everyone to be true to themselves, underlined the significance of adopting a mindset that recognizes no limits and echoed for increased advocacy for girls in IT. 

The hybrid event, led at the same time in Paris and live around all Devoteam geographies, joined together around 500 devoteamers and BNP Paribas participants.

A learning company

Devoteam has taken a strong commitment as a Learning Company. By 2024, we want 70% of our consultants to be certified on our Partner’s technologies.

To achieve such ambition, we want to leverage our partnerships to offer the most innovative training and certifications to our consultants and to offer them structured and formalized career paths, better understanding of internal mobility opportunities and overall boosting their expertise. On top of Devoteam Academy delivering training to all devoteamers, Devoteam organises Career Weeks locally, to promote the jobs and career paths, the ways of getting more involved with Devoteam and opportunities offered for all our people.

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Promote health and wellbeing

To empower employees to achieve success and ensure that they can thrive, Devoteam prioritises their health and well-being, driving initiatives and providing services to support physical, mental, and social health.
Zoom on some initiatives

Pink October: A comedy show to talk about cancer?


Sarah Pébereau is an actress and humorist. She was diagnosed with breast cancer at age 30, but she is doing well today and she has chosen to recount this ordeal with humor and emotion.

Devoteam A Cloud employees were lucky enough to welcome her as part of the Pink October initiative to our premises. More than 40 people were present on site and almost as many online. A strong moment shared together on a difficult subject but handled brilliantly by Sarah. Also a first to offer a show in the office.



Happiness@Devoteam is a program built for and by Devoteamers. It proposes and promotes numerous clubs, communities and initiatives to offer better employee experience.

Happiness@Devoteam, it’s

– 30 clubs (sport, music, gaming, photography, dance, yoga on site …)

–  7 Happiness teams as committed as ever (in each agency)

–  4 Devoteamers sponsored for top-level sports!

–  2,200+ Devoteamers reached

–  100+ events throughout the year

 In 2024 new services will be offered for example free osteopathy on site. 

Encourage Devoteamers Citizenship through Devoteam Foundation


In 2018, the Devoteam Foundation launched the #TechforPeople program, to support associations and social entrepreneurs in their digital strategy, through the commitment of our people.

This program offers consultants different engagement formats to discover social innovation, accompany associations, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and inspiring social entrepreneurs.

  • Pro bono work
    to help NGOs and associations define their needs around tech, and offer our support on their transformation plans for the long run.
  • #TechforPeople Labs
    a 3-hour smart and multidisciplinary workshop, where a mix of Devoteam experts solve business and tech issues for a specific NGO.


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Do we fit with your values ?

At Devoteam we follow 5 guiding principles, our values, in everything we do.

  • Respect

    Respect is the foundation of the relations between Devoteamers. We prioritise sustainability and make choices we can be proud of long term.

  • Ambition

    Our number one goal is to be number one on our chosen areas. We promote responsible tech for a better future.

  • Collaboration

    As a learning company, we collaborate constantly. We innovate and develop our skills to continuously remain at the leading edge of technology.

  • Frankness

    We are transparent and encourage all employees to actively provide and request candid & constructive feedback to build real trust.

  • Entrepreneurship

    We are self-disciplined, and continuously fight bureaucracy. We are on the field with our colleagues and reward and celebrate successes.

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Join us. The value of creativity is exponential. And we believe in big investment in our talents. If you have a passion for driving sustainability and a desire to create better change with tailor-made solutions, get in touch.

Want to know more about our CSR strategy?


Drive positive change in our ecosystem with tech. Empower our clients and NGOs to imagine & realise better change with our offers & commitments.


Mitigate our environmental impact to preserve our planet. Transform our operational model along the value chain for a sustainable development


Preserve human dignity and trusted relationships.
Comply and promote laws and standards among our external and internal stakeholders