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Set the pace. Move together. Go big. Join Devoteam G Cloud.

At Devoteam G Cloud we move as a team – improve as an individual. There’s no point beating around the bush: working with the newest Google technology is pretty damn cool.

Meet your team

We put the G in G Cloud & do
Googley things.

A culture of collaboration rules our workfloor. No question is too much to ask or too big to solve, together as a team. Here, you’ll have access to continuous learning possibilities, certification opportunities and some serious “teambonding”. That’s because we are driven by learning and growing, and we love to challenge ourselves and each other.

Our life motto? You never know everything. And that’s what keeps us on our toes.

Here, we want to see you succeed. Your colleagues are your peers who cheer for you and want to watch you grow. For sure we are colleagues, but it can be so much more. Devoteam G Cloud is a place for growing, learning, laughing, hanging out with your peers…. No matter your role, we are in this together.

Does this sound like the team for you?

Discover our G Clouders’ stories

Collaborating with a talented team from all over the world is a real privilege. I learn something from every person I meet. This collaboration is what really makes my job fun.

Tristan Van Thielen Machine Learning Tribe Lead at Devoteam G Cloud

What I love the most about my job is my relationships with my colleagues

Kevin Wabo G Cloud Engineer

It’s pretty amazing and I feel lucky to have this opportunity to be here watching the digital transformation happening in the front seat. My job keeps me on my toes constantly and it challenges me to learn new things

Ines Valadas Business Developer at Devoteam G Cloud

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Success stories Check out examples of what you could do tomorrow

How FUGA leverages Devoteam’s Vertex AI Foundations to push more ML pipelines into production

FUGA, a leading music distribution and technology company, partnered with Devoteam to streamline their machine learning processes. With Devoteam’s Vertex AI Foundations, FUGA achieved faster ML model deployment, cost efficiency, improved monitoring capabilities, and especially a robust foundation for their ML practices. Now, FUGA is well-prepared to pave the way for future success.

How Silverfin Harnesses Google Cloud to Transform Their Company with Generative AI

Silverfin has successfully integrated AI into its operations using the Google Cloud Platform (GCP). This integration led to a transformation of their business model and processes. The company’s achievements on GCP motivate them to further invest in the GenAI offering. We delve into Silverfin’s journey with GCP and Generative AI, highlighting their lessons learned.

How Retail AI helped RBFA, build modern Recommender Systems and increase customer satisfaction

This blog post explores the key insights shared by Matteo Balliauw, Data Strategist and Analyst at RBFA during his talk at Devoteam G Cloud Day 2023, hosted at Google Brussels. He reveals the wide-ranging benefits of recommender systems for businesses in various sectors.

How Document AI streamlined water, gas and electric billing for an S&P500 listed Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT)

Read how you can easily handle up to 20K documents per month and how our custom solution reduced labelling time by ~6x in comparison to the performance of out-of-the-box Document AI.

How Devoteam G Cloud built a next-level AI recommender system for the Royal Belgian Football Association using Vertex AI

To keep users engaged, the RBFA wanted to create a personalised experience for each of them. In this story, you will discover how Devoteam G Cloud developed tag recommendations using known interactions between users and tags through the application or website. Read further to learn how the recommender system model was fully automated from start to finish.

Carrefour Connects with More Customers Using Tech for People

Implementing & testing a virtual wine advice assistant with partner Devoteam G Cloud.

Progressive Management through Apigee API

Uncovering new possibilities of the Apigee API management platform.

Randstad Group Belgium Becomes Data-Driven with Google Cloud Analytics and Data Warehouse

The challenge In Belgium, Randstad Group Belgium has more than…

Kydemy Unlocks New Levels of Student Productivity Amid Pandemic

The challenge The Kydemy platform helps dance studios and academies…