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Devoteam Foundation

“Tech for People Unlocks the Future”

At Devoteam we have a conviction: shaping tech for people unlocks the future. The Devoteam Foundation brings this #TechforPeople vision to life, helping NGOs reach their full potential with world-changing work.

We care about using our tech expertise to create better change in the world. And to help NGOs and Social Entrepreneurs reach operational excellence as they maximize their social impact.

The #TechforPeople Programme transforms and powers up their digital strategy, all the while promoting responsible and positive technology.

To learn more about our work check our activity report 2021.

– Activity Report

Some key figures

+40 NGOs and Social Entrepreneurs supported each year
+200 expert consultants helping to create better change yearly
+1500 days of Pro Bono Work each yearr

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Through different programs and initiatives we seek to support causes our collaborators are engaged with. The Call for Projects Program donates yearly to associations presented by Devoteamers, and where they participate to promote their work. Local initiatives to raise funds and donate materials are also part of our scope.

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Using our consultant’s skills and experience we aim to have an impact within our social ecosystem and contribute to NGOs and Social Entrepreneurs throguh Pro Bono Work projects and #TechforPeople Labs.

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Raising awareness about diverse topics, building partnerships with key players and creating spaces to share knowledge are also a part of the Devoteam Foundation’s work. We connect our collaborators across entities and grographies creating a bigger impact.


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