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Backup, Archiving, Anonymization – Protect Your Data with Devoteam

Ensure Compliance in your Organization

The objective of this White Paper is to provide an understanding of the issues related to poor data retention or a lack of data retention policy by reviewing the different types of backups and describing the risks identified in case of failure.
A proper management of data retention during its lifecycle is essential for 3 main reasons:

  • to manage cyber risks,
  • to be compliant with the GDPR and all other policies towards data protection,
  • and to enable the protection of the company’s information assets.

It is also the responsibility of the data controller to determine the appropriate retention period according to their business needs in the absence of regulatory provisions.

Backup is an efficient way to restore all the information necessary for the proper functioning of an organization.
It is therefore important for any organization to establish an effective data backup strategy that is adapted to the needs of its business.

Quentin SGARD
DPO Devoteam S.A. / Most Valuable Risk & Compliance Manager – Principal

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