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Be guided by cloud natives: Devoteam Managed Public Cloud Unveiling Flexibility, Security, and Efficiency

Turn the challenges into competitive advantages:

In the ever-evolving landscape of business technology, the demand for flexibility, scalability, and uninterrupted accessibility is non-negotiable. However, the intricacies and expenses of managing a cloud platform can divert focus from core business activities. 

This is where Devoteam Managed Public Cloud service steps in, addressing the common pain points of limited resources, lack of physical space, capacity, and cloud expertise within companies.

By alleviating the need for internal IT teams to manage server software and hardware, our Managed Public Cloud offering addresses a significant pain point for businesses. We pride ourselves on tailoring solutions to meet specific client environment requests, ensuring a customised approach aligned with their preferences.

Be guided by cloud native experts:

Devoteam Managed Public Cloud offering allows our clients to focus on business growth, bringing their workloads to the Microsoft Azure, AWS, Google Cloud public clouds, without sacrificing security, stability, and integrity. That means that Managed Public Cloud offering is multi-cloud and important to mention that we strive to have a consistency amongst all the cloud solutions. 

Utilising Microsoft Azure, AWS, Google Cloud, Devoteam provides a Managed Public Cloud solution that ensures the availability of critical business resources under the supervision of cloud-certified professionals 24x7x365. 

Devoteam, certified as a Microsoft Azure Expert MSP and Google Cloud MSP, guarantees the security, stability, and integrity of critical business resources. The Managed Public Cloud framework, designed for a multi-cloud consistency, is a testament to our commitment to providing a flexible, secure, and cost-effective managed service.

Proactively managing key elements of IaaS and PaaS, including databases, management tools, load balancers, health management, and data protection, our standard offering covers routine tasks such as monitoring, backup, patching, and antivirus configuration. 

Going beyond, we embrace modern PaaS service maintenance and configuration activities. Whether the client prefers infrastructure-as-code or traditional deployment, we adapt our tooling to efficiently support both.

Therefore, this helps to eliminate another client pain point: the company/business need for server software and hardware management by their internal IT teams. Managed Public Cloud offering can be a great help whenever this need is still identified by the client. Nonetheless, our team is always open and happy to support any specific client’s environment requests and to customise it according to the client’s wishes.

As we aim to make the operational side of the businesses much less hectic, Devoteam has an extensive portfolio of Managed Kubernetes service (for all the three Clouds: AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud) as well. Our goal is to make the containerization less complex, elastic, at the same time – to enhance the scalability.

Important factor showing our service’s flexibility is that our built solutions are designed to be successfully integrated to the third-party tools, such as cloud agnostic ITSM systems or tools allowing to calculate/optimise cloud cost. 

Key takeaways for you:

Our Operating model is to adjust cloud native solutions to our own developed multi-cloud management platform called INSIGHT – intuitive and decision centred cockpit. It is highly automated and compliant, providing a smooth transition and maintenance of the client’s resources. Therefore, eliminating a burden for the client to obtain and manage a separate department in the organisation taking care of this part of the business.  

Devoteam Managed Public Cloud offering solution empowers clients to concentrate on business growth by seamlessly migrating workloads to leading public clouds like Microsoft Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud.

In a business landscape where productivity meets cost efficiency, Devoteam Managed Public Cloud offering serves as a reliable pillar supporting current cloud resources, while also providing a pathway for future enhancements and optimizations.

If you’re ready to unlock the true value of your company’s cloud environment, connect with our experts – tech natives for a consultation.

Be guided by cloud natives

We believe AI can bring us even more – a real value, and not just focusing on reducing the cost. It will take a while but it will be worth it!

Watch our on-demand webinar to unleash how we at Devoteam use AI with our customers to enhance their businessdrive operational excellence in our managed services and in integrations of AI services into our INSIGHT platform.