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Build Your Personal Digital Assistant with UiPath

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Introducing UiPath

There are multiple tasks and processes that eat up hours in the office. Some can be rather tedious such as generating marketing KPI reports or uploading new client info into Salesforce from an email. 

UiPath has the goal to change all of that. Saving time and effort by uncovering the inefficiencies of copying and pasting from one spreadsheet column to another. Or even better, give your employees their own personal digital assistant to manage workflow and schedules. When it comes down to it, with Robot Process Automation or RPA bots handling repetitive tasks, you’ll be able to improve your customer’s experience and take the time to serve them better. 

How does UiPath Work?

UiPath is built upon 3 main pillars: Discover, Automate and Operate. 

Once your organization discovers the opportunities for task improvement in high return-on-investment areas, you’ll dig into the process and task mining. 

Discover How UiPath Can Help

Process mining gains overall transparency into the business process with a continuous drive for operational efficiency. The goal is to take the guesswork out of the automation journey in the process mining phase. It enables organizations to discover, automate and monitor complex, end-to-end processes. Process mining lets the user quickly identify any bottlenecks in the process, rework the inefficiency, and create an optimized path for automation. 

Task mining on the other hand uses a data-driven approach to gain an understanding of the tasks employees perform. Using advanced machine learning models to tease out task patterns within existing data by using low-touch discovery, in a transparent and secure manner. Tools built-in give powerful visualization to construct a detailed process graph automatically then take the info and transform the task into a one-click export into UiPath Studio for quick building and rapid deployment of RPA bots. 

To gain a deeper understanding, UiPath can perform Assisted or Unassisted Task mining. Assisted mining allows users to capture variations of a known task and merge them into a comprehensive view of an existing process. Unassisted mining records the desktop activities and discovers repetitive tasks that are suited to automation and process improvement. 

Automation Hub helps to manage the automation opportunities pipeline and increase your automation program ROI. Overall, the hub fosters an open, transparent, and collaborative automation community. Inside, there are opportunities to publish, discover, and download ready-to-go automation. 

Multiple Ways to Automate

UiPath Studio, has 3 versions, with the goal to have everyone be capable of creating their own RPA bot with any skill level. Studio Web is the starting point for anyone needing automation help in day-to-day business cases. StudioX is a more advanced desktop version with no-code, drag-and-drop construction. Studio with a complete solution for complex processes, robust debugging tools and custom code integration for multiple program languages. The excellent news is the journey between all is a continuum, allowing users to go back and forth, and adapt to their automation needs. 

When it comes down to integration, UiPath has a continuously growing catalogue for connectors. This allows you to develop automation workflows across Salesforce, Microsoft Office 365, SAP, Adobe, Google Suite, and so many more. If there isn’t a connector available, it is easy to build one with the Connection Builder using third-party APIs. 

UiPath Assistant allows every single employee to have a personal digital assistant. This allows for selected automation to improve their day-to-day tasks and lets leaders manage, distribute, and govern centrally. It is ideal since every person has a different work style and different workday. The assistant can create reminders, organize processes, and more. Employees even have the power to name their digital sidekick. 

These are only a few of the important features within UiPath. Many more like Robots, Action Centers, AI Centers and Data services are just as important to delivering efficiency, higher performance, and high ROI. 

Best Practices to Operate

Insights offered in UiPath give you an analytical solution to track, measure, and manage the performance of your entire automation, creating opportunities to level up. The analytics suite allows you to truly measure the impact of RPA on your business. Reports can be created with what you want to see, and in a customizable graphic dashboard for all to see. You’ll be to see where you are getting a return on investment. 

With the continuous updates and development on apps, there is a need to test every build before pushing the newest version out. The Test Suite inside of UiPath helps staff build resilient automation and continuously test virtually any tech to diagnose problems that may occur within the app. Its an ideal way to kick start testing. 

Orchestrator allows you to monitor, deploy, measure and track all of the bots in your digital workforce. This makes everything secure and productive, as well as reducing the total cost of ownerships through large scale deployment. It is one of the linchpins that allows UiPath to do so much with automation. 

Automation comes in 3 flavours from UiPath, Ops, Cloud, and Suite. 

Automation Ops is a simple web portal to manage and implement all the rules for user profiles. It is quick to set up and always works with the latest and greatest. Ops is ideal for a small firm just starting out with RPA bots and automation. 

Automation Cloud is the entire UiPath Platform that allows your company to start today and scale indefinitely into the future. Cloud is perfect for those medium to large firms that are starting to grow their automation platform more and more, and can use web-services.

Automation Suite is the entire business automation platform for UiPath. Your company can get as little or as much as they want. Use the suite on public cloud or an air-gapped on-premise network. Suite is ideal for those companies that are stringent in security, and can get into the technical details of RPA.

Why is UiPath good in RPA?

UiPath is one of the leading providers of robotic process automation or RPA software. The 5 reasons you’d choose UiPath are Ease of Use, Scalable and Flexible, Integration with Other Systems, Strong Support, and Robust Features. 

Overall, UiPath is one of the leaders in RPA software. The platform is one of the easiest to use for all levels of users. From the no-code business process-focused employee that has lots of repetitive tasks to manage to a full RPA developer that wants to customize every aspect of their bot. UiPath allows anyone to make an automation bot regardless of technical ability. 

Leading to the scalability and flexibility of UIPath, it can handle a wide variety of repetitive tasks such as simple data entry and reports to complex processes for developers. The entire system can be scaled up or down to meet the needs of your business. 

With multiple systems that businesses use in their day-to-day operations, UiPath integrates with other CRMs, ERPs and legacy systems. This makes it easy for your business to automate processes across the entire organization. Along with the strong integration, UiPath has created a strong and supportive community among all of its users. It makes it easy for your employees to get support and learn from others using the platform. 

The 3 different Studio versions, each built for different users and easily navigable between each environment, to full-on personal digital assistants that automate tasks for employees (unlike those old PDA devices from the late 90s). UiPath has tons of reporting tools, scheduling, debugging and monitoring of the RPA bots. 

Within the operate pillar, UiPath offers tons of value. It allows users to monitor and track analytics, and continuously test the bots to make sure they are all working correctly. Orchestrator allows to create an environment to measure, deploy and track your bots to makes sure everything is up to task.

Should you implement UiPath?

With UiPath and the immense versatility inside the software allows anyone to build an automation and run it. With more and more people using the software, the community will grow and more automations will come into the Marketplace to use. From creating the simplest weekly reports or testing every version of an app before pushing it live, RPA bots are the new way to save time and money. Along with partnering with multiple technologies, any business, in any industry can make use of UiPath, featured on TechRadar by Devoteam.

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