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Citizen Development – a new way for IT

Nowadays, almost every company relies heavily on software and needs more applications to improve operational efficiency, drive innovation, and generate revenue. IDC predicts that by 2023, over 500 million apps will be developed. IT, with its limited resources, is simply not capable of building all of the apps businesses need in time. One of the solutions to it is definitely Citizen Development.

Untapped potential of Citizen Development

Apart from the limited resources of IT departments, let’s not forget about the other, very common issue – a ton of unused and wasted apps. Every company has them, but no one wants to admit it: applications that often serve a single purpose, are way too expensive to develop, need a lot of time for updates – and ultimately are hardly used by their own employees. But why is this the case? Quite simply – the target group, i.e. the users. is rarely involved in the development process. It makes it hard for IT experts to come up with something 100% easy to use and understand.

The Citizen Development approach turns employees into co-developers. Together with IT experts, they work on their own applications that offer real added value for subject matter experts from the respective departments. Meanwhile, the IT department has time for the essentials: driving your company’s digital transformation forward. Does a head start through innovation? More than just an empty phrase with Citizen Development!

Still not convinced?

In February 2022, we published a whitepaper on what’s behind the Citizen Development approach, what role your subject matter experts play in it, how your IT enables the maximum of available resources and time, and how you can design an app store for your company. Because dusty and expensive applications were yesterday. Your employees are actively shaping the future – and developing a custom-fit solution for every problem!

Ask the expert

On September 7th, one of our Devoteam N Platform experts – Aleksandr Kadesnikov will be taking a closer look at the ‘citizen development’ approach, the various roles and finally show how to make a meaningful entry into the topic. Make sure you don’t miss it!