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Eco-Efficient IT: Saving Green by Going Green

TechRadar 2023 Hot Topic – Sustainability Enabled by Digital

This article is a selection of the 2023 Devoteam TechRadar, it’s designed to introduce the context of the chapter by covering a hot topic in the industry.

This year’s focus is on the Cloud Native era – a new era where technology and business are more interconnected than ever. Companies must prepare for disruptive models built with, in, and for the cloud. The technologies in TechRadar 2023 are mostly all participating in this movement.

Harnessing the Power of Green IT

Get ready to join the green revolution and elevate your company’s ESG standards with sustainable IT operations! With the goal of reducing our
impact on the environment, sustainable IT is the perfect blend of being socially responsible and fiscally smart.

As the clock ticks, the value of energy and resources soar higher and higher. But fear not, by approaching IT operations with a mindful and considered attitude, we can tackle not only climate change but also shift the way we think about technology. With most big applications and services now residing in the cloud, the effects may feel distant to those using them. But we mustn’t overlook the hidden costs and impact of these complex systems and the mountains of data they generate.

The good news is, sustainable IT operations aren’t reserved for the big players, small businesses can join the green revolution too! It does take a strong willpower to break old habits, but with the help of tools such as the “Sustainability Best Practices Framework” businesses can empower their employees to make more sustainable choices and change their mindset. Always remember, it’s important to do your own research and tailor any framework to your specific needs.

Devoteam’s Recommendation to get started on Sustainable IT Operations

Tech for Good: Join the green movement with sustainable IT. Make the most of all the sustainable technologies, services, and consulting agencies that are dedicated to reducing the environmental impact of computing. It’s time to start small and make a big difference. Set your MDM to automatically go into energy-saving mode after 20 minutes of non-use, use low-carbon data centers and clouds for your workloads, and consider refurbishing your IT equipment instead of buying new. These simple steps can help you maximise your ESG KPI and make a significant impact on the future.

But that’s not all, being environmentally friendly and ethical is now the need of the hour and it is not just for tree-huggers anymore. IT hardware life cycles, including manufacturing, use and end-of-life, have significant effects on the environment and resources. These include energy use, greenhouse gas emissions, water consumption, raw materials, and need to be addressed for future generations. Not only will you be doing your part for the planet, but your customers and employees will also take notice of your commitment to being a responsible corporate citizen.

Sustainable IT Operations can help increase efficiency in the following areas:

  • Cost savings come easy using energy-efficient systems, you’ll be able to power down your electricity bill and watch your savings grow.
  • Boost your reputation as a socially responsible business. As a result, customer loyalty will soar and new business opportunities will sprout up faster than you can say “reduce, reuse, recycle.”
  • Turbocharge your productivity with sustainable IT practices. By streamlining your operations, you’ll be able to get more done in less time. Imagine your team working like a well-oiled machine, every gear in perfect sync.
  • Manage risks related to resource shortages and environmental issues. Adopting sustainable IT practices can help your business stay ahead of the game, instead of playing catch up.
  • Meeting certain environmental regulations and standards by implementing sustainable IT practices can help businesses comply with these regulations and avoid fines and other penalties.

Sustainable IT operations = Win-Win! Save money and resources while building a better reputation and reducing your environmental impact. It’s time to take the first step towards a greener future for your business.

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