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Introduction to Microsoft Intelligent Data Platform

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Microsoft Intelligent Data Platform

Maha Gouiiaa, Cloud Solution Architect Leader at Devoteam M Cloud, presents Microsoft Intelligent Data Platform, a solution that integrates the best database, analytics, insights, and data governance products into a single intelligent platform.

Discover how MIDP can help businesses eliminate data silos, improve data management and integration, provide real-time insights with built-in AI, predictions, and controls, and comply with data privacy regulations.

Learn how Microsoft Intelligent Data Platform can help your business accelerate the value creation of your data!

What is Microsoft Intelligent Data Platform

Microsoft Intelligent Data Platform is a comprehensive solution that combines the best database and analytics products with data governance. The platform addresses the challenges faced by companies in leveraging their data due to fragmentation across different data pillars. It provides an intelligent and unified ecosystem of partners that can help accelerate data integration and create value.

How Microsoft Intelligent Data Platform can improve data management

Microsoft Intelligent Data Platform offers a unique approach to data management that is more comprehensive and powerful. The platform allows companies to build data pipelines with extreme agility, make real-time decisions at the speed of thought, and provide insights in almost real-time. By removing data silos, the platform provides deep integration that brings together different types of operational and analytical data. It also enables engineers, scientists, and analysts to work together with end-users on common data and insights, using the same tools they already know.

Enhancing data management with unification and security

Microsoft Intelligent Data Platform also offers fundamental advantages in terms of data confidentiality, which are essential for each client. The platform is deeply integrated with governance, allowing for shared management of identities and access through Azure Active Directory. This ensures that users and applications can securely access data. The platform also provides end-to-end security with Defender for Cloud & Sentinel, as well as policy controls that extend over data with Azure Arc. This allows for developing and controlling security in-depth, whether on-premise, in a hybrid mode, or in the cloud.

Combining SQL Server with Azure Synapse for scalable Cloud Analysis

Microsoft Intelligent Data Platform allows companies to have SQL Server behind their applications, and with the new version of 2022, it’s possible to enrich and extend data from on-premise to the Cloud without the need for data migration or copying. Simply connect it to Azure Synapse via Synapse Link for SQL Server. Azure Synapse opens up more data sources across multiple dimensions, allowing for easy extraction of data into Synapse for scalable Cloud analysis and visualisation with Power BI, without impacting the performance and chains of operational data. Combine automatic learning with Azure Machine Learning and DevOps to deploy data pipelines more efficiently and obtain the latest updated versions of operational data.

Ensuring compliance and governance with Microsoft PureView

Today, governance is not an afterthought. Microsoft PureView is the tool for compliance and governance for your entire data estate, allowing mapping and governance of all data.