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ServiceNow ESG : Transforming ESG Metrics for Impact & Value

The 2024 Devoteam Tech Radar report identifies ServiceNow ESG as a Sustainability Enabled by Digital technology that businesses should ‘trial’. But what is ServiceNow ESG and why should your organisation be considering how to use it?

What is ServiceNow ESG?

ServiceNow ESG is a paid add-on that allows businesses to better track their Environmental, Sustainable and Governance metrics (ESG). According to ServiceNow, these capabilities allow users to transform ESG targets ‘into impact’ while simultaneously accelerating value creation.

ServiceNow ESG plugs into an existing ServiceNow deployment, leveraging existing IT asset data and automated assessments to provide insights into ESG performance. Simple-to-use management dashboards then display accurate, timely overviews of any ESG target, from carbon to diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI). 

Ultimately, ServiceNow ESG enables customers to strategise, manage, govern, and report on their ESG efforts as per stakeholder demands and strategic goals.

Who is ServiceNow ESG for?

Because it is only available as an add-on, ServiceNow ESG is primarily targeted at existing ServiceNow users. However, as demand for ESG reporting becomes commonplace, businesses may decide that ServiceNow’s platform-of-platform approach allows them to integrate several functions into a single toolset.

ESG can be both an investment philosophy and a series of core values. Companies that are sustainable tend to be builders of both profit and society because they treat ESG as an investment in responsible growth.

In 2023, the European Commission is accelerating the trend of providing guidelines and regulations around the ESG topic. This will make controlling ESG reporting increasingly important for companies within the EU. 

Through a series of partnerships with larger consultancies like Devoteam, ESG may be rolled out as part of a wider ServiceNow deployment for new adopters.

What are the top benefits of ServiceNow ESG?

ServiceNow ESG is a powerful, flexible tool for collecting and analysing ESG metrics Here are some of the top benefits for users.

  • Single Data Model Architecture

Built on the Now platform, ESG uses the same datasets as the rest of the ServiceNow product family. This approach helps to reduce data and work duplication and ensures that ESG metrics are up-to-date and accurate.

  • Reduced learning curve

ServiceNow ESG uses the same familiar interface as the rest of the ServiceNow suite, helping to reduce the learning curve so that employees can be productive more quickly. And because it uses the same administrative tools, ServiceNow will also be familiar for support engineers and administrators.

  • Third-party integration capabilities

The Now platform features an extensive collection of APIs and integrations, designed to simplify the process of accessing data held in third-party systems. This ensures that ESG users are able to gain a complete understanding of their metrics, regardless of where, on which application, the source data is located.

  • Increased understanding of ESG impact

By bringing together all of an organisation’s data, it becomes possible to properly assess the ESG impact of any operation. In addition to internal operations, ServiceNow ESG integrations to third-party services like EcoVadis allows them to accurately evaluate the sustainability performance of their entire supply chain.

  • A clear view of your environmental footprint 

Integrated with the modules around  IT asset management, ServiceNow can quickly deliver a demonstrable way of reporting on your environmental targets. . Using the existing asset register along with emissions data supplied by vendors, ServiceNow ESG accurately evaluates the carbon footprint of a company’s IT operations.

Who uses ServiceNow ESG?

ServiceNow ESG is still relatively new and there have not yet been any customer case studies published yet. NHS Scotland did announce plans to implement ESG when the product was first launched.

Is ServiceNow ESG free?

No. ServiceNow ESG is available as a for-fee subscription in the ServiceNow Store. Pricing varies according to the terms of your licensing agreement and is billable annually.

What else do I need to know about ServiceNow ESG?

Although relatively new, ServiceNow ESG is built on the Now platform. Now is a proven, stable technology “platform of platforms” used by more than 30,000 organisations across the world for a range of scenarios including ITSM, ITOM, ITAM, Supplier Management, Governance and many other workflow-driven processes.

How can I learn more about ServiceNow ESG?

This article is a part of a larger series centred around the technologies and themes found within the edition of the TechRadar by the Devoteam. To learn more about ServiceNow ESG and other emerging technologies you need to know, please explore the TechRadar by Devoteam.

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