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ServiceNow Rome: What’s new in Employee Workflows?

The Rome release was eagerly awaited by ServiceNow employee workflow experts and users alike.
Once again, ServiceNow did not disappoint and this new version opens new spaces to move forward in the transformation of the employee experience, the digitization of HR processes and more broadly the unified service portal which we saw the first signs since the Paris version.

First of all, the guiding principle of Employee Workflow is reinforced with 3 axes on which ServiceNow continues to build:

  • Drive efficiencies with a multi departmental employee experiences
  • Built trust with engaging enterprise employee journey
  • And thanks to or because of Covid-19 pandemic: empower your hybrid workforce

With last year’s events and their impact on organization and workforce, the hybrid workplace and the digital transformation are longer a matter of why, but a matter of how and when.

Enter Rome. 

Be ready for the challenge and opportunities, as ServiceNow is clearly positioning the Employee Center as the one stop shop for your employees.

ServiceNow Employee Center
Source: ServiceNow

Moving from Service delivery portal to Employee destination site

ServiceNow brings you the unified portal, that, along with service delivery across the organization, offers employee communication and engagement capability.
With the Employee Center, you will find features that go beyond the employee service centers and allow you to create this one stop shop desperately needed by the employees in the hybrid workplace.
You will find all the capabilities that your Digital & UX team are looking for, as well as the content delivery feature your communication team expects. On top of that, the configuration is getting easier.
The new features that caught our attention:

  • A brand new design out of the box and configurable thanks to widgets that easily adjusts to various layout options on the home page
  • Employee taxonomy and curated experience: a new content management data model and framework that enables the curated experience feature. Curated experience offers a combination of widgets and portal pages that use a unified content taxonomy. Curated experiences are also available on the Now Mobile app.
  • Mega menu widget, that allows a new navigation model out of the box
  • Curated micro-sites for popular topics listing.
ServiceNow Employee Center #2

These new features, added with lifecycle management and employee journey enhancement turn ServiceNow into an Employee Experience Platform and that delivers on cross department services and guided journey, employee engagement with targeted campaigns and communications, streamlined digital workflows with prebuilt application interfaces.

Employee Center is available in two packages:

  • Employee Center: available to all customers
  • Employee Center Pro: A licensed application and must be separately installed. Available to customers who were previously entitled to Employee Service Center

Managers can Personalize moment that matters for their collaborators thanks to Journey Accelerator

Employee journey management now leverages the lifecycle event to orchestrate process and workflow across departments and journey accelerators.

With Journey Accelerator, ServiceNow provides a feature that most of our clients are looking for: the ability for a manager or a mentor to go and customize the employee journey, like promotion, onboarding plan, which are among the most sought from our experience.

What you will be able to achieve:

  • Administrators can use the ServiceNow Journey Accelerator application to create templates for plans and to-do tasks 
  • Managers then use the templates to create and publish customized plans for key employee transitions. Managers can :
    • Create customized individual Journey Accelerator plans for employees, modify, and track action plans for their employees
    • Add to-do tasks by using a library of existing tasks
    • Create tasks that are unique to an employee transition
    • Publish plans that are based on employee transition dates, such as start dates
    • Assign mentors to employees
    • Mentors can view, modify, and track action plans assigned to them by managers. Mentors with Can view permission, can manage, update, and track assigned to-do tasks in a plan.Mentors with Can edit permission, are able to add plan stages, to-do tasks, and publish plans
  • Employees can view and complete action plans
  • Managers, employees, and mentors can access the plans from the Employee Center
ServiceNow Journey Accelerator

Other notable improvements:

  • Lifecycle events:
    •  you can add an audience to an activity set, so it would be available for targeted audiences
    • Drag and drop feature so you can organize the order of your activities in your activity set
  • Granular delegation : granular delegation is a new platform feature that allows employees to delegate their tasks to other employees for specific date and time ranges based on delegation rules. This feature comes with a twist for HR Service Delivery, as Granular Delegation with the HR Service Delivery base system supports the HR task. Along with filter conditions, you can filter delegations for delegators and delegates, and rely on criteria on top of filters capability available on platform level. You can delegate approvals as well as assignments to anyone that meets the filter condition

Employees can use Granular Delegation to delegate an assigned task to another employee from the Employee Center or now mobile app. The employee will select the delegate, start date, end date and the duties they want to assign to the delegate for the time period selected.

These are just a few examples of the Rome new feature.

In the digital transformation journey we should also bear in mind the critical role of the universal request, the predictive intelligence, the NLU, the virtual agent.

If you want to learn more about these topics and the employee workflow or if you want to plan a demo contact us here.