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Transforming Energy Management and Driving Sustainability in Business with Energisme N’Gage

The 2023 Devoteam Tech Radar report identifies N’Gage from Energisme SA as a technology that businesses should ‘trial’. But what is Energisme and why should organisations be considering rolling it now?

What is Energisme and what is it used for?

Energisme N’Gage is described as ‘the turnkey solution for energy management’.  By enabling data collection and collation from a wide range of systems, users are able to understand the energy performance of all social and economic factors.

According to Energisme, the N’Gage platform provides a 4-part framework for improving energy management:

  • Collect – Energy usage and monitoring data is imported from multiple sources across the organisation 
  • Exploit – Collated information can be mined for new insights and potential performance improvements using big data analytics
  • Predict – N’Gage uses artificial intelligence algorithms for predictive analysis, allowing users to develop and implement a robust and efficient energy efficiency strategy
  • Decide – Stakeholders can make smarter strategic decisions using accurate data and analytics drawn from every part of their organisation

As such, Energisme N’Gage is positioned for strategic planning as well as energy management.

What are the ideal use cases for Energisme?

Energisme claims that N’Gage serves four distinct customer categories: 

1.     Smart cities

2.    Smart buildings

3.    Smart industry

4.   Smart services

The inherent flexibility of N’Gage and its ability to collect and analyse ‘multi-fluid data from heterogeneous sources’ means that the system operates at scale. As such, the platform is just as effective for managing energy consumption for a single building as it is an entire city.

Who uses Energisme?

Energisme recognises energy management as a strategic issue that is common to all sectors. However, N’Gage is currently targeted towards: 

  • Utilities providers
  • Facilities management
  • Real estate
  • Public sector
  • Manufacturing
  • Retail 
  • Hospitality

According to Energisme, they have more than 18,000 direct and indirect users of the N’Gage platform, monitoring 250,000 sites in France alone. N’Gage processes in excess of 2.3 million records every month.

Although available worldwide, Energisme usages is heavily concentrated in France where the company is based. High profile N’Gage clients include CBRE, SPIE Facilities, AFNOR Energies Ingénierie, IDEX, Oksigen and Manergy.

What are the top benefits of Energisme?

Energisme N’Gage is a powerful and flexible choice for businesses who want to improve and automate their energy management and planning capabilities. Here are some of the specific benefits available to users:

1. One platform for energy management

N’Gage connects to a range of data sources and IoT platforms, collecting and collating data into a single, central location. In addition to automating many of the analytical processes, Energisme N’Gage also provides interactive dashboards that make it simple to supervise energy and fluid consumption in buildings, detect anomalies and consumption drifts, plan maintenance actions and share reliable, accurate data with design offices

2. Fully managed infrastructure

Artificial intelligence algorithms tend to be extremely resource intensive, requiring significant capital investment in powerful infrastructure. N’Gage is a SaaS platform, meaning that Energisme retains responsibility for ensuring the software and underlying database is managed, maintained and optimised, reducing workloads on your own infrastructure team.

3. Extensible and customisable

The N’Gage platform includes an API for connecting virtually any data source of your choice. Using the API you can further increase the pool of data available for analysis – and the range and depth of insights generated by the Energisme platform.

4. Open Data support

Energisme N’Gage has been designed to fully comply with French ‘Open Data’ laws regarding data sharing between local authorities. N’Gage helps to simplify and streamline data management, automating key analytical operations so that decision makers can make smarter choices. Native support for Open Data also helps to reduce deployment costs because there is no need to retro-fit this functionality.

5. Suitable for complex environments

The scalability of the N’Gage platform means that it can grow and evolve as the operating environment becomes increasingly complex. This offers a degree of future-proofing as the organisation grows and business needs and priorities change.

Is Energisme free?

No, N’Gage is a paid-for Software as a Service (SaaS) platform. There is a free demo available that allows customers to test the system before committing to a contract.

Is there anything else I should know about Energisme?

By applying the insights produced by N’Gage users can go beyond energy management. According to Energisme, it can also be used to monitor :other variables including:

  • Carbon footprint
  • Waste management
  • CPE commitments
  • Public lighting systems
  • Charging stations

How can I learn more?

This article and infographic are part of a larger series centred around the technologies and themes found within the 2023 edition of the  TechRadar by Devoteam. To learn more about Energisme and other technologies you need to know about, please download the TechRadar by Devoteam.

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