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Why work with a Microsoft Partner?

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Microsoft’s Cloud services offer incredible potential for modernizing and optimizing your IT structure. Without expert know-how, though, it’s hard to get the most out of these tools. That’s where a Microsoft Partner comes in.

No matter your industry, working with a with a microsoft Partner, like Devoteam, can help you leverage Microsoft solutions to make processes more efficient, improve productivity, facilitate collaboration, and quicken the pace of your digital transformation.

The added value of a Microsoft Partner

As a leading partner for premium Microsoft consulting services, solutions, and managed services, Devoteam M Cloud takes a holistic and business-centric approach to the Microsoft portfolio. Here’s how working with our multidisciplinary team of experts empowers you to transform your business and tap into the full potential of the Cloud, on your terms.

Microsoft consulting expertise

Devoteam M Cloud is one of the largest strategic Microsoft partners in Europe supporting customers across 10 countries with more than 1400 Certified Experts. 

Microsoft has also recognized Devoteam’s expertise, certifying us as an Advanced Specialization Partner in 15 key areas:

  • Kubernetes on Microsoft Azure
  • Modernization of Web Applications to Microsoft Azure
  • Windows Server and SQL Migration to Microsoft Azure
  • Linux and Open Source Database Migration to Microsoft Azure
  • Threat protection
  • Adoption and Change Management
  • Azure Expert MSP
  • Low-Code Application Development
  • Calling for Teams
  • Teamwork Deployment
  • Meeting & Meeting Rooms for Teams
  • Cloud Security
  • Identity und Access Management
  • Analytics on Microsoft Azure
  • Modernize Endpoints

As such, you can trust our Microsoft consultants to build custom solutions based on Microsoft’s best practices and frameworks, taking full advantage of cloud-native capabilities, cloud automation, an “everything as code” approach.

Holistic advice for your Cloud transformation

Cloud transformations aren’t easy and are rarely straightforward. For them to be successful, they require extensive planning as well as a holistic view of your organization’s existing infrastructure, processes, and needs. The best way to ensure a seamless transition to Microsoft Cloud services is to bring in experienced Microsoft consultants to guide you through every step of your cloud journey.

At Devoteam M Cloud, our Microsoft experts begin by auditing your existing IT ecosystem and then collaborate with you to create a roadmap for transforming your business. They’re there to accompany you as you implement changes and get your new, modern systems up and running, and also help get your people on board.

Devoteam’s approach consists of four key components:

  • Governance – Keep control of the cloud with cloud governance. Identify resources in a coherent way. Once the structure of the cloud is fixed and permissions are distributed, it’s important to set rules for naming the posted cloud services.
  • Adoption – Develop a solid digital transformation strategy, prepare your people and your organization for its deployment, and build your infrastructure using a cloud-native approach.
  • Migration – Migrate your workloads, applications, and systems. Modernize and automate, and then optimize your flows and processes.
  • Expertise and control –  Rely on Devoteam’s mastery of the various Microsoft platforms and their security tools to address your security issues. Accelerate your cloud transformation with a full automation strategy, supported by an innovative operating model. Benefit from our technical competencies and business consulting approach to migrate, secure, and manage your workloads on the Cloud.

Speed up cloud innovation

Collaborating with Devoteam as a Microsoft Partner means you will be able to easily build, manage, and deploy future-ready intelligent Cloud solutions securely from anywhere with Microsoft Azure.

As a Microsoft-certified partner, Devoteam M Cloud can quicken the pace of your organization’s cloud migration and speed up innovation.

Digitize your business processes

Microsoft Dynamics and the Power Platform enable you to digitize and streamline your business processes, connect your teams, and increase your agility. Teaming up with Microsoft certified partner Devoteam M Cloud means you can quickly build data-driven solutions that integrate actionable insights.

Harness Cloud Based Productivity

Encourage collaboration in a secure environment through the use of Microsoft 365. Our Devoteam M Cloud consultants will work with you to implement the right solutions so you can adopt true agility and benefit from a modern work landscape that nurtures knowledge and creativity.

SAP optimization and cost reduction

SAP optimization can not only improve your productivity, but it can also come with significant savings. And there’s nothing better than an outside, impartial audit to pinpoint opportunities for improvement. A Microsoft Partner such as Devoteam M Cloud can conduct a neutral performance and cost audit of your SAP systems and compare with other actors in your industry to provide you with recommendations for action. The result can be cost savings of up to 50%.

Keep up with the latest innovations

Not only must a certified Microsoft Partner be skilled at using current technologies, they must also have their finger on the pulse of the latest cloud innovations. Devoteam M Cloud consultants know how to leverage the massive research and development capabilities of Microsoft to support the unique needs of your transformation journey.

We are continuously investing in skilling, reskilling, and certifying our consultants to guarantee that you always have the right skills to successfully achieve your goals.

Microsoft training for your teams

Working with an Authorized Microsoft Training Partner like Devoteam M Cloud ensures that your teams are equipped with the knowledge they need to use the latest Microsoft solutions. Microsoft training courses allow you to build, validate, and refresh your skills so that you can get more out of the transformation journey.

Devoteam offers a wide range of Microsoft training courses as well as Microsoft Accelerator & Assessment Workshops both in-person and online. Programs can also be tailored to suit your specific needs.

Expertise across all Microsoft clouds and products

A Microsoft Partner with expertise in the full range of Microsoft solutions and services allows you to accelerate your cloud transformation, automate processes, and become a truly agile business.

Devoteam’s multidisciplinary approach and competencies are a true differentiator in the Microsoft partner landscape. 

The ultimate goal of a digital transformation is to fully enable your business to thrive in a rapidly changing market, using the right mix of technologies for your organization. For most enterprises, this will come with a deep transformation, including the way IT engages with the business in order to achieve a common vision.

IT must become an enabler of business change, also implying that it has to develop the ability to move at the pace of the business change with full agility.

The adoption of modern cloud technology, in a way that suits your business, is a crucial success factor.

But it’s even more true that transformation can’t be successful if business and IT don’t build multi-disciplinary agile teams to cover all the aspects of the transformation. Here’s how a Microsoft Partner like Devoteam can help you in each step of the transformation journey.

Re-imagine & co-design

Starting from where your business is today, we have to determine what the right digital mix is for your company and what is needed to make it a reality. From the gap analysis, an appropriate strategy and target operating model can be defined. This can, of course, apply to your organization on the whole, but can also be applied to individual business processes, services, or applications. And all of this needs to be done with the necessary agility from the start.

Devoteam’s Digital Impulse (business consulting) consultants have proven methods to support you in this envisioning and co-design phase while also fully applying Microsoft’s Cloud Adoption Framework to pragmatically prepare technology adoption.

Enforce security and compliance

Security and compliance should not be an afterthought; it should be part of any cloud journey from the beginning. Digital products and digital cloud platforms must be designed to be inherently secure and compliant from the start.

Modern Cloud Infrastructures such as Microsoft, allow us to embed security policies in all services with maximum automation and provide advanced security services that further strengthen your overall security set-up.

Devoteam’s Cyber Security teams have developed a deep understanding of security and compliance in modern distributed cloud, data, and workplace environments. As a Microsoft certified partner, we have the skills needed to apply these important considerations across all of the Microsoft platforms.

Build and Migrate

This step is the technological core of any cloud transformation. It’s essential to build the right cloud architectures for your specific needs, and to be able to translate these architectures into strong foundations and successfully engineer the migration to the new environment.

Devoteam M Cloud consulting teams have the Advanced Microsoft Specializations, experience, and certifications to guarantee reliable and agile foundations for your business’s solutions.

Adopt, modernize, and innovate

Of course, successful adoption is the key to real change. This holds true for both modern cloud-based workplaces and for cloud-native environments.

These three actions essential for any modern business form a virtuous circle that a talented Microsoft Partner can help you create. Devoteam M Cloud assists you as you innovate new digital use cases and modernize existing systems to integrate in new products all while continuously managing adoption and change.

Operate and optimize

Contrary to the classical “outsourcing” reality, the operation of cloud environments is a very dynamic reality. Cloud Services are continuously innovating, new business uses present themselves constantly, and the cloud economics and security realities require you to continuously rethink existing strategies, services and processes.

Fortunately, this is where Microsoft’s managed services come in, alleviating the strain on your IT department and offering 24/7 support. For this reason, Devoteam M Cloud has brought together these competencies in our Microsoft Center of Excellence, coordinated in Portugal.

Let your IT team focus on core activities

Outsourcing fully managed services frees you up to focus on your business. Rather than taking up your team’s precious time and resources, rely on Microsoft certified partner Devoteam M Cloud to optimize your IT ecosystem and manage day-to-day operations. Together, we create your unique service management portfolio, and accompany you all along, from determining requirements to implementation, and finally to operation.

Microsoft success stories

With 26 years experience in IT consulting, Devoteam M Cloud has helped countless clients across all industries leverage Microsoft services to meet their objectives. 

When battery-maker Duracell was looking to improve the quality and reliability of its production line, Devoteam M Cloud stepped in to create a paperless shop floor through industry 4.0 integration. Using Microsoft’s Office 365 platform to build a digital workplace, this transformation allowed employees to get real-time insights into operations, reducing downtime and increasing productivity.

Similarly, Devoteam developed integrated digital workplace portals for chemical company Vynova in response to their requests to better master their data. Thanks to a low-code development framework and Microsoft’s Office 365 platform, we were able to digitize operations and optimizing production and invoicing processes. This resulted in a significant reduction in costs and indeed it took less than one year for them to see a ROI.

On the other end of the spectrum, the Microsoft consultants at Devoteam worked with the Spanish tourism offices to design and develop a unique tourism intelligence system, focusing on the unification and management of visitor information. By implementing a Data Lake platform, Devoteam M Cloud services were able to find a solution that allows them to quickly and easily measure both current and future impact, quality, and trends within the tourism sector in Spain.

Solutions for each industry

How can working with a Microsoft Partner help you? Microsoft has developed eight industry clouds to meet the needs of each distinct sector, including:

  • retail and consumer goods,
  • discrete and process manufacturing,
  • automatic,
  • government,
  • financial services,
  • healthcare,
  • pharma and life sciences, and
  • energy.

To give you a better idea of the solutions for your specific industry, let’s take a deeper dive into three of these vertical motions.

Retail and consumer goods

Microsoft’s solutions for retailers focus on enhancing the customer experience, streamlining communication, and building more agile, responsive supply chains. 

  • Know your customer – Create a complete overview of customers and partners on a Unified Commerce Platform (Loyalty Programs). This will allow you to fulfill their needs in all interactions and foster lasting relationships with intelligent tools that strengthen your brand.
  • Empower your employees – Enable your teams to provide exceptional customer service by digitally connecting key elements in the shopping experience. For example, an associate could offer discounts or promotions which work for the consumer, employee, and retailer alike. When employees are happy, customers are happy.
  • Create a resilient supply chain – Improve supply chain resilience by getting better visibility into network constraints and bottlenecks, as well as additional channels to avoid blockages. That means understanding real-time consumer demand and anticipating where, geographically, demand is likely to crop up.
  • Improve internal operations and collaboration – Streamline communications and the daily rhythm of business by giving your employees the tools they need to meet evolving customer expectations.
  • Re-imagine retail – Rethink the way you interact with customers and innovate. Find new ways to meet your customers’ where they’re at, from developing apps to finding profitable pivots.

Financial services

For organizations in the financial services industry, a Microsoft Partner can help you implement solutions which not only improve the customer experience, but also prevent fraud and minimize risk.

  • Minimize banking risk – Improve your risk management with analytics to power modeling, gain deeper insights, facilitate regulatory reporting and compliance, and reduce financial crime.
  • Combat financial crime – Prevent criminal activity with adaptive AI that continuously learns evolving patterns, including credit card and mobile bank fraud activity.
  • Improve the customer experience – Accelerate customer growth, profitability, and loyalty through more relevant, personalized interactions, all while gaining deeper customer insights.


In the healthcare industry, a Microsoft cloud transformation can improve the quality of care, reduce costs, and provide better protection for sensitive patient information.

  • Empower care teams and improve patient outcomes – Share secure health data, collaborate, and generate insights that improve patient outcomes today, and team performance for tomorrow.
  • Reduce cost of care – Use data insights to operationalize new models of care, predict future health trends, reduce risk, and improve population health.
  • Protect patients’ information – Help protect sensitive health data to support privacy, end-to-end security, and compliance.

Devoteam M Cloud: your trusted Microsoft Partner

Devoteam is a trusted Microsoft certified partner holding 16 Gold competencies and 15 Advanced Specializations:

  • Kubernetes on Microsoft Azure
  • Modernization of Web Applications to Microsoft Azure
  • Windows Server and SQL Migration to Microsoft Azure
  • Linux and Open Source Database Migration to Microsoft Azure
  • Threat protection
  • Adoption and Change Management
  • Azure Expert MSP
  • Low-Code Application Development
  • Calling for Teams
  • Teamwork Deployment
  • Meeting & Meeting Rooms for Teams
  • Cloud Security
  • Identity und Access Management
  • Analytics on Microsoft Azure
  • Modernize Endpoints

Our dedicated Microsoft experts have earned more than 2100+ individual Microsoft certifications.Along with our certifications, Devoteam M Cloud also earned the Microsoft Partner of the Year Award in 2019, 2020, 2021 and 2022.