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Devoteam joins the Shift Project to build a low-carbon digital world.

Paris, April 25, 2024 – Devoteam, a consulting firm specializing in cloud platforms, cybersecurity, AI and sustainability, committed to a more sufficient and resilient digital world, is joining the “A Digital World for the 21st Century” program of the Shift Project, a think tank working in favor of a low-carbon economy. The program, to be launched in June, aims to establish the specifications for the digital industry’s low-carbon transformation and its contribution to reducing emissions from other sectors, in line with the Paris climate agreement and the sector’s low-carbon trajectory. 

A partnership in line with Devoteam’s environmental objectives

Devoteam is committed to reducing its direct CO2 emissions and those of its value chain, in line with the Paris climate agreement and according to a +1.5°C scenario. Earlier this year, this ambition took concrete form by submitting its short and long-term reduction trajectories to the Science-Base Target initiative (SBTi)..

Among its commitments, Devoteam has set the target of reducing its GHG emissions by 33% between 2022 and 2028 (scopes 1 and 2). Devoteam is also taking steps to reduce its GHG emissions intensity (tonne of CO2 emitted per € of margin) linked to its value chain (scope 3) by 44% by 2028. By 2050, the company aims to reduce its absolute GHG emissions by 90%.

In addition to internal initiatives to reduce the emissions it controls (e.g. halving emissions linked to business travel by 2023), the Group is also devoted to support its customers’ low-carbon transition. 

“Digital is an essential tool for companies moving towards a more responsible way of operating, balancing economic, social and environmental aspects. In this respect, digital technologies have a major role to play as a catalyst for the low-carbon transition, provided their impacts are properly understood and managed to achieve a sustainable digital transformation”, explains Hervé Dumas, Vice President Sustainability, in charge of deploying Sustainability offerings. 

“Getting actively involved in the Shift Project’s initiatives perfectly fits our Sustainable IT approach and our ‘Tech for People’ vision. It’s how we deliver on our promise to our customers by supporting them in their energy efficiency programs,” adds Stanislas de Bentzmann, co-CEO and co-Founder of Devoteam.

Two streams to low-carbon digital technology

  • The “A Digital World for the 21st Century” program will focus on two projects:
    • A socio-economic approach, aiming at defining the characteristics of a responsible and contributive digital ecosystem by 2030 and 2040, on French and European scopes: organizational models, sector governance and regulatory framework, societal value system, and the contribution of tech to the responsible transformation of business models in other sectors.
    • A technical-environmental approach to creating the technical specifications for a compatible and resilient net-zero digital system, respectful of both social minima and planetary limits.

“The Shift Project is based on the principle of interacting with players from each vertical ecosystem to propose global and constructive views towards a post-carbon economy. Regarding the omnipresence of digital technology in today’s world, and its rapidly growing share in greenhouse gas emissions, it is essential to rethink the way it works. This is the ambition of our program. This partnership with Devoteam will enable us to take into account the vision of a major player in the tech sector, to work on a concrete approach to the required transformations and technically feasible solutions”, concludes Hugues Ferreboeuf, Digital Project Manager, The Shift Project.

Le groupe de travail publiera ses travaux début 2025. 

A propos de Devoteam

Devoteam is a tech consulting firm specialising in Cloud Platforms, cybersecurity, AI, data, and sustainability. With over 11,000 tech-native employees across EMEA, Devoteam has guided companies through a sustainable digital transformation for almost 30 years.

About the Shift Project

The Shift Project is a French think tank advocating the shift to a post-carbon economy. As a non-profit organisation committed to serving the general interest through scientific objectivity, we are dedicated to informing and influencing the debate on energy transition in Europe.