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From Local to Global Impact: Devoteam Foundation’s Call for Project

Call for Projects

🌍 Devoteam is excited to present the 17th edition of the “Call for Projects” initiative, which empowers our employees to create tangible change in society. This annual program provides Devoteamers the opportunity to seek financial support to amplify the impact of the associations they are involved in.

The Significance of “Call for Projects”

🙌🌱 The Devoteam Foundation’s “Call for Projects” recognizes and encourages the active involvement of our employees within associations. By supporting their initiatives, we foster a culture of social responsibility and contribute to the betterment of the communities in which we operate.

Our Impact

📊 This year, 47 associations were selected to receive support from the Devoteam Foundation. A total of €84,000 was allocated to these projects, demonstrating Devoteamers’ commitment to driving meaningful local changes.

🌱 Since 2007, our employees’ dedication has extended across more than 20 countries, benefiting over 50 associations annually. Through our cumulative donations of approximately €90,000 each year, we strive to make a global impact.

Testimonials from the Field

🗣️ Israel Benjumeda Herreros, Senior Business Automation Consultant & Vice President of AFIP, expressed his appreciation for the Devoteam Foundation’s support: “With the donation, we can now better support our ‘Rice for Education’ project in Cachouane, Senegal, by establishing a school canteen, ensuring children receive proper nutrition while allowing mothers to work in the rice fields without worry. Thank you, Devoteam Foundation, for enabling us to make a tangible difference!”

🗣️ Nicolas Klotz, Operations analyst at Devoteam Africa and a member of the Atlas UNESCO Association shared the positive impact of the Devoteam Foundation’s support: “In Morocco, hydric stress is one of the highest in the world. Thanks to the support of the Devoteam Foundation, the association Atlas UNESCO successfully planted 500 young cedars and organized events about water protection in Moroccan schools. This support has catalyzed the emergence of a bigger project for 5,000 trees in 2024 and a social network gathering cedar forests worldwide. Water and trees need our energy and innovative spirit to thrive!”

🗣️ Tania GÓMEZ HERAZO, Sabrina CAMERLINCKX, and Michelangelo VAN DAM, 3 Devoteamers representing Coderdojo Belgium, emphasized the impact of the Devoteam Foundation’s contribution: “The donation has enabled us to shape a future where children are equipped with knowledge, skills, and passion for technology. With the support from Devoteam Foundation, Coderdojo Belgium will continue with amazing projects, including Coderdojo4Girlz, empowering young girls and awakening their curiosity for technology. Your contribution paves the way for impactful work, leading children to a world of infinite possibilities.”

Join Us in Making a Difference

💡 By sharing the inspiring success stories of these employee-led projects, we hope to ignite a spirit of action and inspire others to make a positive impact in their own communities. Together, we can create a ripple effect that goes beyond organizational boundaries.

Get Involved

✨ To learn more about Devoteam’s social initiatives or join us in our mission to drive positive change, please visit our website 

🌍 The Devoteam Foundation’s “Call for Projects” empowers our employees to maximize their social, societal, and environmental impact through their involvement in associations. We are proud to support their endeavors and believe in the power of collective action to create a brighter, more inclusive future.