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TechRadar by Devoteam: 2nd Edition

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Devoteam presents the top 150 technologies to have in your radar in 2023 to stand out in the Cloud Native era.

Paris, March 27, 2023 – Following the success of the first edition of its TechRadar, Devoteam is revealing its second edition containing 150 technologies to be aware of in 2023. As proof of the vitality of the digital ecosystem, almost half of the technologies included in this 2023 TechRadar by Devoteam have been renewed. However, this new promotion makes room for technologies that are both exciting and promising in the context of “Cloud native,” undoubtedly the keyword of this 2023 edition.

Faced with an accumulation of challenges of all kinds over the past three years, companies know that they cannot meet them without going digital. However, due to a lack of resources and skills, they sometimes feel helpless in the face of a proliferating offering and rapidly evolving innovation. It is the job and passion of Devoteam experts to be on the lookout for the latest technological innovations, to evaluate, test, and assimilate the most cutting-edge innovations in the fields of cloud, data, application development, cybersecurity, and more.

The TechRadar by Devoteam is the result of expert, passionate, and impartial selection carried by 96 Tech Leaders of the group. It includes 150 technologies classified by strategic domains representing the topics on which organisations need to focus if they want to become leading digital companies. “The 150 emerging technologies have been ranked according to their degree of maturity and effectiveness. Technological expertise is in our DNA, and making our clients benefit from it is our vocation,” explains Philippe Bournhonesque, CTO of Devoteam group.

Welcome to the Cloud Native era

The cloud is no longer just a way to rationalise IT infrastructures in the face of business fluctuations, as it was at the beginning. It is even more than the unlimited reservoir of digital resources it has become later. Now, the cloud is the essential tool for innovation and adaptation in companies. It is the cloud that enables productivity growth, accelerates time-to-market, and scales success. It is the place for the reinvention of businesses and the creation of new, more sober, more resilient, and more in line with society’s expectations and world constraints models.

“These new disruptive models are built with the cloud, in the cloud, for the cloud. They are Cloud natives, and almost all of the technologies presented in this TechRadar by Devoteam are part of this movement. Gartner estimates that by 2025, 95% of new digital initiatives will be based on Cloud native platforms! Cloud native is, therefore, a strategic issue, and companies must prepare for this new era where technology and business are more intertwined than ever,” comments Philippe Bournhonesque, Vice President of Innovative Development of the Devoteam group.

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Some of the trends to look out for : 

Digital Business & products

The need for flawless execution

In these difficult times, where companies are reviewing their digital investments, value creation is above all about flawless execution, and technological developments are both the instrument and the reflection of this desire.

This translates into four strong trends, each embodied by key technologies present in this TechRadar by Devoteam 2023:

  • Collaboration via resource and skill sharing and sourcing (with Github);
  • Agility, which involves business ownership of modular API-based architectures (with Apigee);
  • Resilience and robustness of applications, which should no longer be produced quickly but produced well (with Cypress);
  • Customer orientation, to better consider the expectations and needs of end-users (with Storybook).

Data-Driven Intelligence

A deep cultural shift must be achieved by organisations before they can truly be data-driven.

Data remains one of the main concerns for organisations as they realise that it is a sensitive material that cannot be effectively exploited without certain precautions being taken first.

Many technologies featured in the TechRadar by Devoteam 2023, such as Dataiku, Informatica Data Platform, and Monte Carlo Data, demonstrate that publishers have taken into account the needs generated by assetization – the idea that to derive value from data, it is necessary to first treat it as a valuable asset.

Facilitating data exploitation by business users remains a major concern, but many solutions now also focus on upstream data integration and preparation processes (DataOps, MLOps…), their industrialisation, and their automation through AI, such as Vertex AI and Azure Synapse Analytics.

Distributed Cloud

Cloud maturity and the rise of Edge computing

The maturity of the cloud is mainly due to the maturity of Kubernetes, which, despite its complexity, has become the cornerstone of all “cloud-native” systems. Most of the technologies featured in the TechRadar by Devoteam are either based on Kubernetes or designed to make it more manageable for businesses. In general, there is a widespread desire to make it easier to implement cloud technologies and make them solutions to major current challenges. Thus, while the technologies are complex, they tend to become complementary to facilitate their adoption by business users (Knative, Kasten K 10, KuboScore).

However, just as the cloud enters adulthood, there is a growing need to bring intelligence closer to objects to relieve network congestion and minimise reaction time, which will accelerate the development of Edge computing. On many aspects, Edge is the exact opposite of the cloud. That is why we see technologies emerging in the TechRadar by Devoteam that seek to merge the Cloud and Edge so that they can function in close symbiosis (such as EdgeX Foundry).

Business Automation

An increasingly comprehensive range of complementary tools

In terms of Business Automation, the offering is rapidly structuring, as shown clearly in this TechRadar by Devoteam 2023. Through numerous acquisitions or major partnerships, leading vendors are moving away from their initial specialisation to offer an increasingly complete range of complementary tools (such as Microsoft Power Platform, UiPath, and MuleSoft RPA).

This technological convergence is an additional accelerator for a market that was already experiencing strong growth, and which Gartner now estimates at $720 billion in 2023. It is true that these solutions, which allow for substantial savings by eliminating operational inefficiencies, are particularly welcome in the current economic context, and all the more so since the return on investment can be quite rapid.

However, these projects remain delicate because it is crucial to have previously reviewed the processes that one wishes to automate. This is also why there is an increasingly frequent presence of process mapping, analysis, and optimisation tools at the core of solutions, such as Celonis.

Trust & Cybersecurity

Addressing Human Vulnerabilities

Cybercriminal organisations have become highly professionalised, recruiting, innovating, and reinvesting their gains to continually increase their attack capabilities. It is now estimated that less than an hour passes between the discovery of a vulnerability and its malicious exploitation. Against such formidable efficiency, easy targets such as SMEs, local authorities, and healthcare establishments have no chance outside the cloud.

While the cloud is the safest environment, it is still vulnerable to errors, negligence, and malicious acts that are the cause of most security incidents. Human errors are the main cause of vulnerabilities, and the technologies in this TechRadar by Devoteam 2023 are designed to address this issue. Cloud-native solutions for cloud-native environments aim to improve security posture by promoting more rigorous practices such as DevSecOps and compensating for the lack of qualified personnel by automating incident prevention, detection, and remediation. Increasingly, these solutions rely on artificial intelligence to achieve these goals.

Sustainability enabled by digital

Moving from well-intentioned yet limited initiatives to a coordinated environmental strategy with a real impact is crucial.

Strengthening non-financial reporting is a major step forward in accelerating the transition to a low-carbon future. However, it presents an immense challenge for the companies involved. The relevance and precision of models, the traceability and quality of data, and the rigor of processes will all need to be significantly elevated. With the green taxonomy, environmental reporting is becoming an Olympic-level discipline, leaving no room for approximation.

Compliance with regulations will therefore require much more than just collecting data. Processes must be put in place to automate collection, validation, and analysis, with frequencies and precision specific to each profession. This will require acquiring new skills as well as specialised tools on an enterprise-wide scale.

This is where major digital players position themselves with increasingly mature solutions, such as Google Carbon Assessment and Salesforce Net Zero Cloud. Their presence in this TechRadar by Devoteam 2023 is good news as it indicates they have identified a market and that companies are determined to take action. However, choosing and implementing such solutions requires a thorough understanding of one’s activities and environmental implications.

Methodology : 

The TechRadar Devoteam is the result of expert, passionate, and impartial selection conducted by 96 Tech Leaders of the group, representing technologies in strategic domains that organisations must focus on if they want to become leading digital companies: Trust and Cybersecurity, Distributed Cloud, Data-Driven Intelligence, Digital Business and Products, Business Automation, and Sustainability Enabled by Digital.

Each technology is then evaluated according to four levels of maturity:

  • HOLD: Proceed with caution. Devoteam experts recommend waiting to see how the technology evolves.
  • ASSESS: Worth exploring to understand how it could affect the user organisation.
  • TRIAL: Worth trying out on a beta project to better understand how to deploy it at scale.
  • ADOPT: Devoteam experts are convinced that the industry should adopt this technology and already use it when appropriate in their projects.

About Devoteam :

Devoteam is a digital, cloud, cybersecurity, and data consulting company operating in over 20 countries in EMEA.
By combining technology, creativity and data, Devoteam helps its clients to digitally transform their business to unleash their full potential.

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