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Unlocking the potential of sustainable digital transformation

Google Cloud

In a world where the digital landscape is rapidly evolving, the need for a connection of technology and sustainability has never been more pressing.

On 26th October 2023 in Vilnius we organised a truly remarkable and insightful event where the industry experts were discussing sustainability in the world of digital transformation and cloud technology. 

“Sustainable Development is becoming a hot topic in our agenda. If we look at the metrics, data centres are responsible for around 2% to 3.7% of all global greenhouse gas emissions. The carbon footprint of data centres is influenced by several factors: location, electricity consumption, and age of computing equipment. We organised the event to raise awareness within IT communities about the impact of technology on the environment. We wanted to share our vision, existing technology methods, and real cases to measure, optimise and encourage other organisations to take actions towards sustainability.” said Darius Janulevičius, General Manager of Devoteam Lithuania.

Did you miss our event? We have got you covered! Watch the recording of the presentations and a panel discussion with experienced speakers. Their valuable knowledge is truly inspiring! Special thank you to all: Stefan Veis Pennerup (Sustainability Partner at Google Cloud), Eimantas Norkunas (Head of Digital Transformation Governance Department at Lithuanian Government), Hervé Dumas (VP of Sustainability at Devoteam), Jason Quek (CTO of Devoteam G Cloud) for joining us in Vilnius and sharing their insights.

Unlock the potential of sustainable digital transformation and the cloud technology