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We won 2 awards at the OutSystems Innovation Awards!

OutSystems announced, at its annual event NextStep 2022, the winners of the Innovation Awards , a distinction that rewards customers and organizations that best exemplify the high potential of low-code technology to make IT and software development more agile, proactive , and sustainable in creating business-critical applications.

The two awards won were in the “ Environmental Impact ” and “ Excellence in Business- Enterprise Business ” categories, by SUEZ and Boston Scientific, respectively:

  • SUEZ: Environmental Impact SUEZ enables customers in 40 countries to provide access to water and waste services with resilient and innovative solutions. A traceable supply chain is essential to building trust in a highly regulated industry. Leveraging existing blockchain investment, SUEZ worked with Devoteam to accelerate “SludgeAdvanced” , a digital solution that allows you to confidently track the entire value chain of organic wastewater recovery.

  • Boston Scientific: Excellence in Business- Enterprise Business Boston Scientific’s Healthcare Solutions and Partnerships team develops flexible, data-driven solutions with leading healthcare institutions to improve patient care and reduce costs. To facilitate and accelerate innovation, Boston Scientific has teamed up with Devoteam . The first product designed, Clearpath, is a navigation tool for multidisciplinary hospital teams to help review patients’ clinical history, care and monitoring through complex pathways, including specific cardiac procedures, implants and, soon, anti-inflammatory treatments against the cancer.

These two new recognitions continue to make the entire team proud and prove the value we can add to all our customers and partners.