Devoteam was in Las Vegas for Knowledge 19 by ServiceNow!

Devoteam was in Las Vegas for ServiceNow Knowledge 19! 20 000 clients, partners, users, and ServiceNow collaborators were there to share and learn. After Beyond ITSM in 2017, Platform in 2018, Mobility and User Experience were the key topics for this year’s edition. 

Why go to Knowledge 19?

Devoteam & ServiceNow go way back. 10 years of partnership, Partner of the Year on HR, Gold Sales Partner designation in 2018, an International Centre of Excellence in Prague,  the Knowledge Up Programme, successful projects like transforming Copenhagen’s municipality’s service platform, among many more. ServiceNow & Devoteam, it is also 400 dedicated consultants across 15 countries.


How could we not be in Vegas to join the movement to learn how people like us, are delivering modern digital workflows that unlock productivity and transform the employee and customer experience?


There were so many impressions and takeaways it is barely possible to write them all, but here are our top ones, deriving from 3 perspectives.

Takeaway #1

Partner success is synonymous with customer success

Based on the 4 C’s, Capacity, Competency, Capability and Customer Success, ServiceNow furtherly strengthens its partners while raising the bar for the latter to succeed and to keep up-to-date in matter of knowledge of ServiceNow and how to build customer success with standards and best practices. In the end, everyone takes benefits out of it: the customers, and the partners.

Takeaway #2

Best service is fully automated

People are used to convenient, accessible and easy-to-use services in their personal, everyday lives. Yet work life has been left behind for years now, which is the reason why we currently observe a revolution: people take their increasing demand for a simpler service reception, to work. ServiceNow is on top of this, providing a platform that brings anything to make customer and employee interactions as simple as it gets.

Intelligence, state-of-the-art technologies, and breaking down silos between departments and systems even help exceed these customer expectations.

Takeaway #3

Understanding the business value is essential for success

The time where customers just focussed on body shopping is over – it’s more and more obvious that they actually strategically work on roadmaps and value generation. Just with deep understanding of the business value and the circumstances putting it on risk, both the customers and Devoteam, will succeed. For that, it is more crucial than ever to address the right person, listen carefully and to deliver end-to-end processes that actually increase the value brought by the department to the organisation.

This implies deep organizational changes as well, making ServiceNow and Devoteam’s delivery more strategic than most software applications, just comparable to ERP systems in place.

Knowledge has shown impressive and outstanding showcases how this has already been achieved, with full project automation in FIT, or with several IoT showcases that smoothly run processes and measurements around each and every object that can be somehow connected to the Internet.


It has once again been a great opportunity to get inspired by the journey ServiceNow is taking, to get motivated to gain as much business value as possible for our customers, and of course, meet a vast amount of brilliant people creating the Future of Work. As Dave Wright stated, the Future of Work is now.



Martin Saeckel