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Nesrine, Software engineer, shares experience at Devoteam: projects, skills and reasons for joining

Meet Nesrine, a skilled software engineer with 4 years of experience. Learn about her projects at Devoteam and why she chose the company. Discover the endless learning opportunities that make her happy at work.

Hello Nesrine, can you please introduce yourself?

Hi, my name is Nesrine and I’m a software engineer with four years of experience.

Can you tell us about your projects and experience at Devoteam?

Sure, in my four years at Devoteam, I’ve worked on three projects. On the first two, I was a full-stack developer working with Java, JavaScript, React technologies and a mobile application using React Native. Currently, I’m working on a new project that focuses more on the backend, cloud, and Ops topics, which are new for me. I hope to improve in these areas.

Why did you choose Devoteam?

I picked Devoteam for two main reasons. First, Devoteam encourages its employees to train and get certified, and I entered a three-year program focused on DevOps. I got certified in Jenkins, Kubernetes, Python, and trained on Docker, which I’m really happy about. Second, Devoteam has locations in several countries, including the Netherlands, which is where I’d like to settle in the future.

What do you enjoy most about working at Devoteam?

I enjoy learning new things and developing new skills on every project. The fact that there are infinite possibilities to learn is really important to me and makes me happy at work.

Join Nesrine and experience limitless learning opportunities at Devoteam.