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A Journey Towards Cloud Infrastructure Efficiency with Devoteam and Cloud Managed Services

How to optimise performance thanks to the cloud

Who is the organization and what’s its context?

The organisation is the world’s leading talent advisory and solutions company. They are driven by a powerful purpose – making the future work for everyone. Their services help people fulfill – and exceed – their potential, building employability and connecting people with opportunities. The organisation’s solutions enable clients to optimise their talent needs and organisational models to achieve their goals. While their advocacy and firm commitment to operating responsibly aims to build a better world of work for all.

What needs did the organisation face at the time?

The group looked to build a strong, long-term Cloud Managed Services partnership with a dedicated team of professionals, which would support their processes, guarantee their smooth & consistent functioning, and make sure all of their applications are stable and up-to-date. It was essential for the service to maintain a high level of quality.

What was the turning point where the organization had no choice but to adapt its strategy?

As a global leader in HR solutions, the organisation sought to streamline and optimise their cloud infrastructure to ensure overall effectiveness and consolidation.

What were the immediate benefits for the organization’s clients or employees?

By engaging our Managed Public Cloud service and its cloud-native operating model, our experts ensured the customer’s digital ecosystem was optimised for peak performance. Utilising its vast experience, our SRE team was able to increase the level of automation used to operate the client environment, accelerating response times, reducing errors and keeping the customers environment running. All of this resulted in an overall decrease of 3000+ incidents per month, increase of operational stability by a factor of 2x and reducing wasted cloud spend by more than 20%. As a part of our services, we also provide an automated and cloud-native boost to the client’s security governance through Managed Cloud Compliance, so that the customer can feel at ease knowing they can rely on a high level of infrastructure security. All of the above described accomplishments come with the added benefit of Managed Cloud Economics and through our work in the area of FinOps.

With our increased focus on automation, self-service and a cloud-native approach to service offerings, it was a strategic choice for us to engage with Devoteam’s Cloud Managed Services. I want to extend my sincere appreciation to everyone at both our organization and Devoteam for their contributions to making the strategic change for our cloud managed services a success.