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Activu Enhances IT Security Operations with ServiceNow

Going beyond: connecting Activu’s tech with ServiceNow.

The snapshot


Activu develops visual collaboration technology for command centers


Its customers sought a way to connect ServiceNow to Activu’s software


Our Integration Focus Group developed a simple application to make the connection

The challenge

Activu’s solutions affect the daily lives of billions of people. As a long-established company within the field of developing visual collaboration technology for command centers, many of its clients were seeking an efficient way to connect their solutions to ServiceNow. Activu’s tech would add important information, drawn from connected systems on the network, to the tickets created by ServiceNow in order to give the customer the full picture of the most important issues – all on a single dashboard.

The solution

Devoteam brought its vast ServiceNow expertise to the table in order to create a simple solution for Activu, saving the company time and money. What our Integration Focus Group created was an application with a sleek interface and solid UX, which clients could effortlessly implement on their own.

Our team not only developed the solution but also guided Activu through the process the app needed to pass before it could become an officially certified ServiceNow Store Application.

The better change

Unification of the process of connecting ServiceNow to Activu’s tech

A simple application with a solid UX

The app is certified by ServiceNow

ServiceNow interoperability was one of the early integrations that motivated the development of the Event-Driven Visual Intelligence capabilities in vis/ability. Thousands of organizations depend on ServiceNow to manage workflow associated with operational data, streaming from countless processes and potentially hundreds of underlying business applications. The Activu Connector now offers a more robust means to alert IT and executive stakeholders.