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Making the Digital Leap: Crafting A Sustainable, User-Centric Platform For Belgium Government

How to facilitate citizen interaction using a social and sustainable approach

Who is the organisation and what’s its context?

As one of the biggest worldwide leaders in the facility management, the organisation won a call for tender to assist the official Belgium local employment administration (ALE). As part of an ecological drive to limit carbon emissions and digitalise the user experience, add high value, and human-centred design, the project aimed to modernise and revolutionise both the mission of ALE employees, the way in which the unemployed could access and manage small-scale paid jobs, and the way in which citizens could track and manage payments and benefit planning for Wallonia and the Brussels regions.

What needs did the organisation face at the time?

Because ALE decided to create a brand new optimised platform to manage the large amount of secure access rights in real time, the organisation decided to externalise the complete digital segment of the project to Devoteam as a trusted partner. On top of designing a user-friendly platform with a high focus on human and digital accessibility, the Belgium government needed to revolutionise how ALE employees manage services from both the workers’ and the customers’ sides, and how citizens could manage their payments through the ALE app, and digitise small-paid jobs directly through the platform.

What was the turning point where the organisation had no choice but to adapt its strategy?

The need for an efficient platform capable of handling large service flows, as well as an effective UI/UX that met accessibility criteria, was the priority. Between large amounts of prestations, multiprofile associations, variety of citizens targeted in terms of age, need or familiarity with digital tech, and need for phasing out paper checks, the creation of an innovative and accessible solution was crucial to ensure the project’s success

What were the immediate benefits for the organisation’s clients or employees?

  • Digitalisation and modernisation of user experience
  • New platform available to ease the burden of payment organisations
  • New app available and accessible for all users and citizens
  • Revolution of the digital workload for the Belgium Government employees
  • Digital payment accessibility

The realisation of the ALE platform has convinced us to pursue this approach for the continuation of our digital transformation.