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Streamlining Administrative Processes with ServiceNow in Copenhagen Municipality

Biggest HR ServiceNow case in Northern Europe.

The snapshot


Biggest HR ServiceNow case in Northern Europe


Spending around DKK 30 million on the project which should pay for itself in 4 years


Optimized management system through a singular platform increasing efficiency for over 47,000 employees with more than 160,000 cases processed in the first quarter

The challenge

The municipality of Copenhagen is home to more than half a million people. This local government had issues handling administrative processes and internal processes.

The municipality of Copenhagen previously relied on 100 reporting systems, a CRM system, and other integrations and automation that had a clearly outdated strategy. 

Wanting to be at the forefront of digital development, and meet changing employee needs on the digital front, it was up to Devoteam to come up with a solution that would streamline all of these processes onto one platform.

The solution

As an Elite ServiceNow partner, Devoteam found the perfect solution in this agile all-in-one Cloud management system. 

The integration of ServiceNow has increased automation and work procedures, resulting in a better overview of cases and generally more effective administration.

The better change

Using a modernized, customized and intuitive system with 30 larger administrative processes being installed and automated

Implementation of an agile Cloud solution saving 30% annually on the IT system to support administration

Securing all sensitive processes and gaining 10% in resources in specialist areas

Our collaboration with Devoteam has been excellent. They have some extremely competent developers who have familiarised themselves with our business and thus been able to advise us on the requirement specifications we have had.

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