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Nye Veier reimagines land acquisition with a unique low-code app

The snapshot


Land acquisition now 20% more efficient


One standardized platform to manage land acquisition


Substantial time, cost, and efficiency savings expected

The challenge

Nye Veier is one of the organizations responsible for delivering Norway’s ambitious 20-year, €25 billion road and railway building program. Owned by the Norwegian Ministry of Transport, Nye Veier is cutting travel times, connecting cities and communities, and reducing accidents. The organization has the authority to decide which roads should be built first, based on a calculation of socio-economic benefits, for the nation and for the businesses and communities along each route.

A key challenge for Nye Veier was the need to acquire large areas of land for its road-building projects. The impact on land and property owners along the route of a new road could be significant. 

Nye Veier is committed to a fair, transparent, and rules-based land acquisition process. But historically, the identification of landowners on a proposed route, and the communication, negotiation, and reaching of agreements with them, were slow and inefficient.

This contributed to delays in the completion of projects, increased costs, and the slower achievement of benefits for citizens and businesses. 

While Nye Veier was making use of some digital tools in its land acquisition activities, these were not standardized or integrated. There were many manual processes, paper-based records, and Excel spreadsheets. Assessing and managing the performance of projects and people was difficult without centralized data and insights. 

The solution

Nye Veier decided to reimagine the complete, end-to-end land acquisition process and create a single, modern, fully integrated digital platform. To help achieve its vision, Nye Veier appointed developers from ServiceNow Elite Partner, Devoteam. The result is eGrunnerverv – or eLandAcquisition – a custom-built low-code application based on ServiceNow App Engine, Customer Service Management, and Integration Hub. eGrunnerverv was launched in 2022.

The better change

A cloud-based hub for Nye Veier’s land acquisition activities and a complete history of each project

Capturing all contacts and core documentation related to each landowner

Live status dashboards

eGrunnerverv has transformed the way we handle land acquisition and there’s much more to come. It gives us a huge volume of data and insights that enable us to manage projects, and the organization as a whole, much more efficiently and successfully.

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