How Artificial Intelligence is revolutionizing the Retail industry

In 2020, the retail sector is at a crossroads. From the omnipresence of digital technology to the importance of environmental concerns, societal changes are revolutionizing consumer behavior and shattering traditional models. The Covid-19 crisis, as sudden and brutal as it stroke, only amplifies these trends and makes the need for retailers to reinvent themselves even more urgent.

This white paper, co-authored by Benoit Fremaux (Retail & CPG, Devoteam) and Aymen Chakhari (Group Global Head of AI & Big Data Director, Devoteam), is intended for an audience of retail professionals without in-depth technical expertise. It has a dual ambition: to bring together the views of Devoteam’s retail specialists and the players of different companies in the sector. This white paper shows all that AI can bring to retail companies.

  • Introduction : Devoteam’s vision and beliefs
  • AI, an answer to the challenges of today’s retail industry
    • Omnicanale customer experience with the testimony of Fabrice Beschu, Director of Operations, Decathlon
    • Marketing with the testimony of Sylvain Luce, Manager of the Datascience & Customer knowledge division, Picard Surgelés
    • Offer and purchases with the testimony of Franck Dartois, Director of Information Services, Idkids
    • Supply chain with the testimony of Alexandre Brauner, Director of Information Services, FM Logistic
    • Back office functions with the testimony of Michel Morvan, Director of Information Services, Picard Surgelés

Keys of success