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Chapter 4

Sustainability – A process that anticipates the future

When developing a sustainability strategy, it should be clear to decision-makers and those responsible that the route itself is the ultimate goal. A company’s measures and values geared to sustainability are subject to constant change. In consequence, the maximum possible efficiency levels and ecological savings potential should always be exploited at best. Following the motto “a rolling stone gathers no moss”, especially the management level and staff working under the leadership of the Chief Sustainability Officer must constantly question themselves and strive for further improvements. Of course, this constant will to improve does not have to create a negative atmosphere within the workforce. On the contrary, milestones and successes should be celebrated.

This makes it all the more important to rely on experienced service providers with a deep understanding of all available solutions. Their expertise is crucial when it comes to the execution of holistic customer projects that require experience and knowhow when designing the sustainability strategy for the first time within a company. Devoteam can help find useful applications and solutions, optimize internal processes, and at the same time realize the opportunities of digital transformation.

Thanks to many years of successful collaboration with Microsoft, Devoteam’s experts can quickly provide information about new solutions and approaches and explain the advantages of a sustainable approach in detail. Because these partnerships will continue to exist in the future, companies that rely on corresponding service providers will be secured when existing solutions need to be re-evaluated and new means are sought to operate even more sustainably

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