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Chapter 1


Data protection is an essential issue for all organisations and has become the main concern of managers. The volume of data that businesses are dealing with is growing exponentially and remote working makes risk management around protection of information in transit ever more difficult.

Every day colleagues generate documents and share information as part of their ongoing activities, multiplying the possibilities of sensitive data being leaked inadvertently or malevolently. These actions can also generate legal non-compliances leading to substantial penalties.

A simple chat or transfer of files can increase the risk of sharing sensitive data in a manner that is not compliant with the organisation’s safety and security policy and the regulations in force.

Here are the most significant questions organisations must face:

  • Where is the data stored and who can access it?
  • Is the data classified and protected?
  • Are data protection policies and practices regularly reviewed and updated?

43% consider as fairly bad their ability to manage data wherever it is located