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Chapter 1

Preface – Tech for good

The Devoteam Foundation Mission to Support Nonprofit Organisations Through Digital Empowerment

At Devoteam, our mission as a premier tech consulting firm has always centred around empowering our clients and stakeholders with high-value knowledge, expertise, and strategy. However, our drive to promote better change extends well beyond the confines of our own closed ecosystem. Above all, we believe in the transformative power of technology and that shaping tech for people unlocks the future. It’s with this conviction to #TechforPeople that we first created the Devoteam Foundation, a purpose-built institution dedicated to providing technical expertise and consultation to uplift the nonprofit sector. 

At the core of the foundation is a deep commitment to advocating for ‘tech for good.’ This belief echoes not only Devoteam’s values but also a broader movement within the technology and nonprofit sectors. It holds that technology, when implemented responsibly and purposefully, can be a powerful force for progress. For seventeen years, our foundation has promoted sustainability, corporate social responsibility, and the digital transformation of nonprofit organisations, applying 25 years of expertise and proven methodology to address the unique challenges of their field. It is in line with this mission that we set out to create the Tech Radar for Nonprofits as a way to extend our support and aid organisations through their digital expansion. 

We hope that these contributions enrich your reflections and empower your organisation to navigate the ever-evolving digital landscape with confidence and purpose.

Stanislas de Bentzmann – Co-CEO Devoteam Group